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New Year, New You

Set off on a new journey...

Wow, it has been so long since I have written an article. My apologies, I took 2 weeks off for Christmas :) ...

I have often wondered about New Years Eve and thought that maybe I ought to enjoy a New Years Eve that’s quiet and bring in the New Year in a more calm way. However the historical impact has been crazy New Year’s Eve’s. Maybe I ought to bring a New Years in with more love and stillness. Well the only way to know will be to try it one year. Not sure anyone will be up for joining me in a soppy movie, cocoa, marshmallows and getting in bed and turning the light out at midnight, or even before.

I like the idea of it, there is something beautiful in the notion that I will be starting my new year knowing what the next day is. I say this because the New Year start messes us up a bit, no one knows what day it is and there is this almost crazy climb down from all the festivities into January when we get back to work feeling a little jaded.

While we look to make changes and hope that the New Year will bring something great. Sometimes there is a real come down from the festivities and we all look round with that sinking feeling of what now. I think that taking stock of our last year is probably the answer to helping us to make a new start. Yet, how many of us really make the changes that we deserve and stick to them?

Ever wondered why we take so much time not bothering to make the changes necessary. Oftentimes we do the same old thing over and over again and expect different results. Of course this is insanity because we are never going to get different results if the method that we are using has never worked for us before.

In life change will come regardless of whether we want it to or not, whether it is foisted on us or we make the decision ourselves. The New Year is a knock on the door to make a change and see it through. Sometimes we manage it and sometimes we don’t. The truth is that when we get help we tend to make it easier, we tend to create the changes in a quicker more defined w