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Get set to re-write your life story ...

New Year, New You

Set off on a new journey...

Wow, it has been so long since I have written an article. My apologies, I took 2 weeks off for Christmas :) ...

I have often wondered about New Years Eve and thought that maybe I ought to enjoy a New Years Eve that’s quiet and bring in the New Year in a more calm way. However the historical impact has been crazy New Year’s Eve’s. Maybe I ought to bring a New Years in with more love and stillness. Well the only way to know will be to try it one year. Not sure anyone will be up for joining me in a soppy movie, cocoa, marshmallows and getting in bed and turning the light out at midnight, or even before.

I like the idea of it, there is something beautiful in the notion that I will be starting my new year knowing what the next day is. I say this because the New Year start messes us up a bit, no one knows what day it is and there is this almost crazy climb down from all the festivities into January when we get back to work feeling a little jaded.

While we look to make changes and hope that the New Year will bring something great. Sometimes there is a real come down from the festivities and we all look round with that sinking feeling of what now. I think that taking stock of our last year is probably the answer to helping us to make a new start. Yet, how many of us really make the changes that we deserve and stick to them?

Ever wondered why we take so much time not bothering to make the changes necessary. Oftentimes we do the same old thing over and over again and expect different results. Of course this is insanity because we are never going to get different results if the method that we are using has never worked for us before.

In life change will come regardless of whether we want it to or not, whether it is foisted on us or we make the decision ourselves. The New Year is a knock on the door to make a change and see it through. Sometimes we manage it and sometimes we don’t. The truth is that when we get help we tend to make it easier, we tend to create the changes in a quicker more defined way.

It is never too late to make a change in your life. This is your story, your creation, make it a good one. In fact there are people who start doing their doctorates and research projects when they are in their 80’s, now there is something to aspire to.

I was talking to a friend of mine and he said that as we get older there is more insistence, we may know what we want, yet how are we going to achieve it? Or why we haven’t achieved it, can become a sticking point.

The truth is unless we make the effort to make the changes in life, then they will not happen. There is so much more going on here than we realise because this is part of self care and inner love – what we give ourselves permission to experience is the guiding force of caring for ourselves. The reality is that when we understand the why we don’t do it, as opposed to the how to do it, we are on firmer footing.

The how is unimportant, the why however shines the light on the stories that we have been telling ourselves throughout our lives. The most major one is fear, yet to really understand the motivation behind our holding back, or living within limitation. We first need to drill down into that fear.

Clients that I helped when I was in training often came to me with an idea or thing that they wanted to do. However my tutor would say, if they don’t understand their issues then no matter how much you help them, they will not make the changes or achieve their desire.

This translated to helping them to understand this side first before they moved forward with their idea or change. It worked, however the truth is, I find it so much harder to do this for myself. I could help all those people and there have been a few over the years with all the training that I have done. So many successful student experiences that I thought that it would be a no brainer for me.

Yet, as my good friend intimated last night, you see your potential, but it is also wrapped up in your knowledge of where you have failed. The truth is the perspective that I could lend to the people I help, is not the perspective that I have been using within my own thinking.

What I am getting at here is to make the real change that adds up to a new and wondrous life, you first need to clear that which no longer serves you. Of course it will be neigh on impossible to clear all the things that are within, because we hold a great deal within us. However, when we start the ball rolling, the opportunity to create change opens up for us.

This is deep inner work that takes time, although I had a few quick tools to help people with way back then, thanks to recommendations on how to speed up the process. Call it magic, it just works and helps people to make the changes that they need to make without feeling the pain that may stop them.

There is also something about accountability, when we know that there is another person championing us on we make huge leaps and bounds that we may not have made on our own.

I am not saying that you can’t make changes on your own; I am saying that when we attempt to work in this way we can stall the process. I speak from experience here, because despite needing support, there were reasons that I put this on the back burner sometimes too.

The truth is that it is worth it, you are worth making the changes for. Sometimes if we don’t make the changes, we will get sick or something will happen to create these changes. The Universe in the end has your back. Be willing to trust in that feeling and know that the Universe wants nothing more than to be there for you to help you to be the perfect and complete brilliance of your self.

At the end of the day to create a new vibrant you, you kinda need to want a new life. Often we are so happy in the comfort zone that we live in that we are unable to take the risks that are necessary to make changes. It’s a funny one, but this can be as base as not sorting out your finances because living in poverty consciousness has become the default mindset, or being annoyed that you can’t move because you put the house on the market once and no one came to view it.

These are not however good reasons to give up on your wants dreams and desires. This is about finding your truth and your passion. There is no other way, as truth and passion will help you to create the kind of life that you have been dreaming of. It does not matter what you want to create big or small, in effect the same rules apply.

Intuition helps here, when we use our intuition we can make changes faster and with less pain. Or see an intuitive.

This is your movie, your script. You have all the roles to ensure that it gets re-written in in way that you are ultimately happy with.

I know from personal experience that making changes can be daunting and often it’s a case of two steps forwards and 30 back. It reminds me of the first article that I ever wrote when I said that what I want is right there, I can see it, taste it and touch it, but it’s just feels out of reach.

The truth is that we are all different and the routes that we take, to create the life that we want, will be different too. This is why we can sometimes hit walls if we are following another person’s idea or vision and this can be a reason that we are unable to move ourselves forward. It’s easy to read a book, or look at what another person has done in life and say I want that. Yes, I agree, this is great. However if you are not made of the same stuff as that person, nothing will get you there in the way that they did. Unless you work directly with them.

It’s for each one of us to create life through our own experiences. If you need help look to read people that have been through what you are going through. Know that the people that can help the most are the one’s that understand your plight. So long as they have not forgotten how it felt for them, that is.

Remember this does not have to be someone that you pay; it could be a friend or a free online course that helps you to make the changes.

So how do we really re-write our life scripts and what is the real methodology to making it happen in our own lives?

It’s a big question, isn’t it? It is also easily answered, we hold all the answers within us and if we are craving a particular path, then we also have the abilit,y to do whatever it is that we desire.

When you re-write, re-wire and change the script that you are working from, it takes guts, it takes really being honest and looking at all the areas in your life that are not working so that you can push ahead to change what is happening.

I love Yoga and Yoga is the fusion of the body mind and the soul. In all the work that I do, my aim is always to empower people so that they can create this fusion. Once we have such a fusion, our lives become less of a strain and we can take more and more of what gets thrown at us and it becomes easier and easier. I won’t lie to you there will be rocks on the road and there may even be boulders to navigate. However, once this clearing has been done we will be renewed and capable of new and wonderful things.

No matter what you think about life changes, creating the life that you want falls into exceptional self care and inner love, it helps you to define boundaries and be present when you need to, while pulling back at times too. It does not matter what you are doing when we live in line with our true purpose, it is also easy. Life takes on the quality of ease, that shows that we are on the right path.

Remember not to confuse fear, as a message that you are not on the right path.

A particular friend of mind that has this pre-disposition, told me that he never thinks to much about the what, how, or when. He just does whatever and deals with the fall out, if there is any, later. I think I said something to the tune of I wonder about the fallout and he said, stop, and just do it – to coin a very well known Nike Phrase!!! Of course I think that they may have been alluding to running.

To make a start of a new mindset for 2018, and create a new beginning, there is a small exercise that we can do that will show the areas in our life that need attention. If you’re lucky all your areas may be tickety boo and there may be no thing that you need to do. If this is the case wooo hooo *smiley face* ...

If not, remember that it’s not the New Year that will bring in a better life, it’s you that will bring this to fruition. Ultimately we are the one’s that create happiness in our lives.

When we fire on all cylinders life itself just gets easier, we are more able to make decisions, to make choices and to roll with whatever life throws at us. It might smart a little to get to the point where we are in that state, however the little upgrades are really worth it.

This is worth the effort, when we look after our life areas, we curb some of the major challenges that may have beset us.

Okay so are you ready?

You will need

  • Some quiet time

  • Somewhere to sit

  • Pen

  • Paper

  • Or something else where you can make notes

  • Maybe somewhere comfy if you want to take this to the relaxed level…

Here’s what you need to do – set a timer for 2 minutes. Get comfy for a moment, make sure that your feet are firmly planted on the floor, close your eyes. Now bring your attention to your breathing. As you breath in allow relaxation to flood into your body, as you breath out release any tension that your body is holding. Keep at this until your alarm goes off…

Now grab your pen and paper, i-pad whatever you are using and jot a percentage of how well your doing in the following areas in your life, no thinking, just note the first thing that comes into your mind – 100% being the best.

Love Relationship



Self care






Peace of mind


Life Purpose

Once you have jotted these down, you will have an idea of what areas in your life need attention. There is no right or wrong in this, no bad or good. There just is, therefore suspend judgement for now, as it will only hold you back. It does not matter what these figures are. They can be worked on and by the end of 2018, they will be different or not remember the decision is yours. We are the masters of the boats that we sail and we are also the creators of them…

One of the major things here is to not to get hung up on these results, as they will go up and down throughout your life, depending on what is happening. The major part is acceptance. Accepting what you can achieve at any given time and knowing that all is as it should be.

An Example

Now here’s an example that I have made up. I use this example to show how to work with the percentages in the areas. Also remember we might rate an area such as finance 25% because we want to be a millionaire ;) … However, be completely honest, how are you are feeling in this? Do you have enough? This is what the question is asking. It is not asking us to compare ourselves with others, it is asking us to be honest based on who we are. Also note that spiritual has nothing to do with religion – it applies to an innate understanding of looking after ‘self’ and caring for self, while nurturing inner love.

Love Relationship – 88%

Family – 98%

Fun – 55 %

Self care – 72%

Financial – 80%

Career – 89%

Spiritual – 76%

Health – 77%

Friendship – 62%

Peace of mind – 88%

Contribution – 90%

Life Purpose – 84%

I am sure that my figures give you the idea of what’s next. Anything that is low could do with a boost if you want to. When I do this, the results are different most of the time and some things will go up, where others will go down, it makes it clear to see where I need to re-focus my efforts. The idea is to know where you need to put in a little bit of attention, so that you can alleviate the pressure that it creates on you.

Let’s go, to my example – fun shows as 55%, clearly if this was a person’s results they could do with injecting some more fun into their life. This often happens because a person is putting their attention into another area. So in this example you could say family, contribution, etc are taking up the lions share of the person’s time. Of course this person does not have to make any changes if they don’t want to. The base line is to live with what you are happy with.

Taking your own results I would take the three areas that have the lowest percentage and maybe give these a little bit of your attention. You could just do one, the trick is to nurture each of these areas and create some balance. Now this is no easy task, however with support you can create phenomenal change in these areas and create even more equilibrium and calm in your life.

This is just a little start to help you to see where you might want to make changes in 2018 and to work out where your story might need re-writing :) ...

If you are dreaming of doing something big this year, be brave and seek help, or make the changes by following your own strength.

All the luck and love to you for 2018…


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