4 things you're entitled to & not letting other's knock you down - blog quickie ...

Sometimes a situation or a comment someone makes will awaken your fear or pain body, as opposed to your excitement. This might knock your confidence and could even stop you in your tracks.

Sometimes my confidence just gets shot to bits.


A lot of us struggle with confidence, we can be so easily knocked down. Some situations and comments made by others are just epic confidence stealers.

When this happens, we may go into protection mode, when other people speak negatively about us, or our ability to do things. When the comments made are not true, this can lead to...

out and out self sabatage ...

As adults this kind of pain response can actually stop us from moving forward in healthy ways because we allow it to. Many of us put this kind of response in place when we are children and we are not even aware of it.* Seek help if necessary.

What happens is that excitement might change to fear ( I was scared about this, but fear was