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Working with Cleansing & Healing the Chakras

Photo by: Mikhail Nilov

If you have ever attended one of my chakra upgrades and healing sessions, you will know that when I do this work with you, we do it with 7 day - monthly gaps mostly … There’s a reason for this and in this article I am going to let you know why...

At any given time and through the day our chakras are constantly moving into and out of alignment, it’s a back and forth process depending on our emotions. Even full on everyday alignment can lead to this because we are affected by the outside world and therefore it is okay to know that there will be times when they are spinning out of control – say when you’re stressed, falling in love etc.

Also remember when we are working on them, we are ascending your consciousness by degrees – more on this later in the article…

The word Chakra is a Sanskrit word that means wheels – the seven chakras are spinning energy wheels of colour. Knowledge of these amazing centres was first described by yogic tradition in India. Think of them as energy centres that spread prana into the environment of your body. In essence these centres draw energy from the world and use this to help certain parts of your body to function at optimal levels.

Chakra Baggage

Our chakras hold a great deal of repressed emotions, baggage and pain stories from our past. As time goes by, if we are not careful we add more and more disconnection to the mix.

Each chakra corresponds to different feelings, different issues and it is these feelings and issues that get trapped within these areas.

The thoughts that we have and our feelings affect this system, these thoughts can block a chakra, they can shrink it, or enlarge it, or even stop the chakras from functioning well. To my mind the way that we deal with challenges in life and obstacles that come up inform this at any given moment in time.

Basic trapped emotions for each chakra

Root Chakra (Muladhara)

Location: Base of the spine

Colour: Red

It is our grounding centre – being connected to Gaia, being part of this world. It is our foundation. When unbalanced we might have survival issues as it is linked to our feelings of safety, security, such as lack in the sense of money and food. In its unbalanced state it might make us annoyed, irritable and obsessed with the material aspect, It can also bring up fear, disconnection, instability, fear of the unknown, ungrounded, repitition of life circumstances.

Sacral Chakra (Swadhisthana)

Location: Lower Abdomen, above the root chakra

Colour: Orange

This chakra links to desire and pleasure. When unbalanced it links to guilt, hatred, fear, drama, holding onto childhood issues.

Solar Plexus Chakra (Manipura)

Location: Navel centre

Colour: Yellow

This chakra is the seat of our power - trauma experiences can block the function of this chakra. When unbalanced it creates self doubt, fear, insecurity, blame, victim mentality. A person that is overweighted in this chakra might display controlling tendencies, perfectionism etc.

Heart Chakra (Anahata)

Location: Heart Centre

Colour: Green (although I see it as green with pink highlights on it)

When this chakra is not balanced there is unhealthy attachment, neediness, co-dependency, the me, me, me mentality.

Throat Chakra (Vishuddha)

Location: At the Throat

Colour: Blue

Our words are led by fear when this chakra is unbalanced, we are unable to speak our truth, there is a difficulty expressing thoughts and comunicating. We might look for validation and struggle to express our opinions. The voice might be loud, or too quiet, words garbled and lack of sense may come up too. Also check out my blog as it covers this

Third Eye Chakra (Agya)

Location: At the point between the eyebrows

Colour: Indigo

When this chakra is unbalanced the controller is manifested, a personality governed by the ego.

Crown Chakra (Sahasrara)

Location: At the crown of the head.

Colour: Violet (I see it as all colours - like a white opal with refractions of all colours within it)

There is a lack of faith present when this chakra is unbalanced - a disconnection and struggle to find a true understanding of anything - no beliefs, no trust - it can also manifest an obsessiveness around spirituality, being dogmatic in the face of religion etc. In a sense lack of balance here links to resistance, to holding on to tightly and not allowing a greater understanding to manifest within life.

Unhealthy Chakras

The trapped emotions create unhealthy chakras and can also create illness of the mind and the body. This is why it is good for us to gently work on these energy centres so that we can upgrade our system. Exercise such as Yoga, meditation, healing all work to help to bring re-alignment to these areas. These practices work on the energy centres.

Why leave so much time between sessions?

During sessions we are working on your repressed emotions. In some cases the energy has been trapped for decades within the body and it's quite comfortable here, thank you very much - it says! The truth is it does not want to move. Also your system is used to feeling that way, in fact it prefers feeling that way. Which is why often when we do this work the centres spring right back to where they were before anywhere between 15 - 60 minutes of the session (in some cases they may spring back almost immediately).

Why they spring back?

They do this because it is what your body is familiar with. Back in 2019 I was in a car accident - I got whiplash and since the accident I have had pain in my shoulder and back. Through gentle exercise I am slowly bringing my head back to centre. However initially I was holding my head to the side and sometimes this comes back. This is how your chakras are, moving into alignment and out of alignment. This is fine and it is right for the change to take time, for there to be pauses between the growth so that you can become accustomed to the new way of being.

Contra - indications

The fact is if you work too hard to bring the chakras into alignment it can have a counter-productive effect. Here are some of the symptoms that might come up by attempting to purge long held emotional issues within a chakra (especially when rushing the process).

  • Coughs

  • Colds

  • Aches

  • Pains

  • Headaches

  • Joint Aches

  • Dizzyness

  • neck ache

  • Pains in a chakra area (although this is quite common, when working with all the chakras it can bring up repressed emotion. Remember it's best to get medically checked out too.)

  • A sense of vertigo (this is quite a popular symptom for people that are doing excessive spiritual practices, while not allowing their bodies to rest. I recommend pause and reflection time between practices - listen to your body and if symptoms come up, Stop).

  • Tiredness

  • Feeling unrested even when you have slept.

  • Mental and Emotional Issues might come up

  • Anger

  • Rage

  • Irritability

Some of these symptoms are similar to our current plight, so do make sure that you get checked out, just in case you need to self isolate. Also ensure that you seek medical advice for your symptoms. Even if you are doing spiritual work - it is so imperitive that we ensure that there are no underlying conditions that need attention. I am not a medical professional, I am just underlining symptoms that can come up, I also believe it's always best to get checked out to rule out specific medical issues.

These are by no means all the symptoms that can come up, yet suffice to say it explains why I feel that it is important to leave time between upgrading the chakras. The time creates the space for integration and allows the energy system to become used to the change in a gentle way.

Ascending your Consciousness by degrees

Also remember that with this work you are slowly ascending in a spiritual sense. I use slowly for a reason. As we ascend issues will come up and the time gaps and pauses allow us to assimilate the changes in a way that is comfortable for the body and mind. I will repeat myself a little, it's really important to be gentle. Remember the ascension spiritual quest is a life long journey - there is no Rush...

After all would you have a whole series of medical procedures in one day? I wouldn't want to, in all honesty and I am sure it's the same for you. You see the truth is that if we go crazy with upgrading our chakras there might be contraindications.

I know that we are living in a time that is go, go, go and that we want most things to happen now, now, now. When it comes to working on our energy centres and spiritual work though the less is more approach will pay dividends. As it allows time and space for the new feelings to be born and make themselves known to you. Otherwise, you run the risk of doing all the work and staying right where you are.

Of course if you feel inclined work with someone that can help you to move through these areas in a gentle way, then do. Even I work with others, yes I am a healer and angel warrior. Yet, I am also human. There are so many lightworkers out there including myself, so if you want a hand you know where I am. i am currently offering healings from £27 offer runs out 22nd November 2021*. Readings can help too as I can tune into your chakras during a reading.

*please note offer only includes services bookable direct through site, all other services are not included in this offer - Use code LOVEIT2021at checkout.

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