New Moon In Sagittarius | Time For A New Start, Are You Ready?

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New moon in Sagittarius 23rd of November 2022

Tagline: It is time to be confident about the future on the wings of the strong centaur.

I am happy to say that we’ve got our new moon this month in the lovely Sagittarius. The new moon is in Sagittarius at 1 degree and 38 minutes of Sagittarius. This moon will affect people born with personal planets and points at approximately 0 to 6 degrees of the Mutable signs and 28 to 30 degrees of the Fixed signs most significantly. You can grab your chart and work this out if you’re interested by grabbing a free chart online.

This new moon heralds a new beginning a new start, it also highlights independence on a high level. Yep, this is what we’ve all been waiting for, this is the first clear time for us to look at ourselves, and understand how we’ve been affected by the past and fully recalibrate. More beginning energy is highlighted in the next five months. There is a lot of new heralding in March.

This is a great new moon, it’s time to feel happy confident and ready. It’s a new beginning as we’ve just closed eclipse season, although remember the eclipse will be felt for up to 6 months. What’s not to like the fun, joy, optimism, honesty, individualism adve