New Moon in Libra September 2022 Report

My Tagline for this new moon: Clean up your relationship house and situations you’ve outgrown in the harmonious arms of libra.

I love the libra new moon, it’s our opportunity to create harmony.

The New moon is on the 25th of September 2022. Our new moon is at 2 degrees and 48 minutes, it is highlighting pairs, two people, bringing things together, one to one connections. Also at 2 degrees, we are at the degree of the super galactic centre. This is black hole energy – if you want to know more about this look up phillip sedgewick.

Libra is a lovely new moon, symbolising balance and harmony, it is ruled by venus the planet of love. As much as it equates to love there is a steadiness here as venus is in virgo and this lends practicality to the energy of this moon. The planets that are direct in this chart are the sun, moon, venus and mars. The fact that the other planets are in retrograde (rx) means that we’re being asked to go inwards, this is creating a sense of inner focus and knowing where we want things to change or where we need to change. This also helps us to go back over the past and check with the decisions that we have previously made.