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Libra Full Moon April 2023 Report | Step into loving relationship

Watch or Read Your Choice - If you want subtitles - go to the video on you tube at self love self care system page.

Our Tagline for this Full Moon: Let your independent self create relationship harmony and balance in time

Our full moon in Libra is on the 5th or 6th of April 2023 at 16 degrees and 7 minutes. This is the 7th moon that we have had at 16 degrees. I liken the 16 to awakening, shaking off the old so we can build something new and renewed. You might feel this moon up until the 10th March.

We’re in the new energy the earth has been phenomenally upgrading. For some of you, this might have brought on tiredness, headaches, sleeping a lot, or a feeling of being over energised. . I want to mention the Coronal Mass Ejections – some of you may be feeling these solar flares and they may be affecting you, if they are you are being asked to pause and rest. I am going to bring up the collectivity that I mentioned a lot last year, this is drawing in, we’re being called work together on our individual time lines that support the collective frequency. If the frequency’s are affecting you make way for some deep self care, pushing yourself will not work here.

There is a softer energy in this chart the waves have calmed down they are lapping at the shore as opposed to crashing and with the planets direct there is a sense of freedom and movement aspected. This illuminating bright Libra full moon will help you to learn something about what all relationships means to you, what you want, how you want things to play out and how you are placing your boundaries. Supported with the balance of the Aries sun you are being called to level in relationships from the independence of the self.

The Libra Full moon wants you to look at what needs healing in your relationships, how are they being maintained, with the key word for diplomatic libra being balance. You’re being asked to refine balance in your relationships – it says - I am independent of you, yet I will nurture this relationship. Libra full moon wants to detach, so that you are not getting into the minutiae without talking about it. You might need to talk to another so that you can move forward. This full moon is asking you to step out of own personal bubble and step into communication and connection.

The full moon in libra is about peace there is no going to ways about it Libra the mediator is always going to be looking for the best way to ensure that there is no hiatus.

Just like those that share this full moons star sign the caring element is highlighted in this chart. Libra is about balance, fairness, harmony, co-operation and helps to diffuse the aries energy – call for peace.

With Aries Sun and Libra full moon there is a conflict, however I am seeing this on the level of being able to balance your needs and that of your relationship and knowing when there is something you can do, while also knowing when your efforts are not making any difference. Aries is linked to our root chakra. There is a feeling of activity to protect our family loved ones our home. There is also a sense of instability, or stability depending on how you use these energies. Libra can bring balance, beware of too strong an independence from Aries – ensure that you feel you belong and connect in to something that harness’s your capability to strengthen your relationships.

We have quite a few planets in Aries at this full moon, Chiron, Sun and Jupiter and also we have asteroid vesta and eris in aries too. Vesta bringing a passion and fervour for life and could bring some strength and confidence in the next phase individually and for humanity.

With Chiron Cojunct the sun and opposing the full moon at 15 degrees and and 52 minute, so nearly 16 degrees – you are actually at a point where you are finishing healing something within, you are coming to the culmination of it. This will bring you into spiritual truth. This was an area where you felt vulnerable and the aries energy has allowed you to stabilize the wound. You felt hurt or unheard and you’ve made your way around it now Chiron can show an undiscovered part of yourself or give you gifts. As you move allow the healed areas to move you forward, let the libra full moon shine a light on where you need to go and offer the completion, closure and release of the story.

Libra full moon intends to show you who is right for you, a trigger may be presented – what has been coming up for you through healing your wounds in Chiron? Can you see a new perspective maybe? Libra could be shining a light on a reflection of something that you did not notice before. With Aries sun highlighting an independent decision, you know what you need to do in the situation. Self reliance and honouring your wants and needs are key here.

With Jupiter and Chiron aligning with the sun – healing is highlighted – healing on the level of relationship, all relationships are aspected, along with a sense of support and feeling protected in the decision.

I want to mention Mars in Cancer (not the best combo) which is the ruler of Aries and due to this will step up the need for independence. Mars is assisting in a softer way due to the amount of planets and the energies from Taurus. Mars is trining Saturn at which is at 3 degrees and Mars is sextile Mercury & connected to the NN. This means that there is a sense of you knowing what you need to be doing, you’re hearing your heart. It will also help us to build something for the long term which Saturn father time helps us to do, essentially we can build a new foundation. This is softer because we’re in Taurus and Saturn will assist the move that you need to make. I don’t see resistance here just natural movement. With Mercury, The NN, Uranus and Venus in Taurus the energy has a softening to it.

Libra’s ruling planet it Venus which is currently in Taurus at 24 degrees highlighting that the way that we love and the way of our heart needs to be the ultimate stepping stone. This is sextile Neptune bringing in love deep connection, you living from the space of your truth, your understanding in a harmonious way libra and independent way Aries. Using your own guidance in relationships, knowing what you want. Because relationship is so highlighted here watch for new relationship, watch for current relationship bringing up a need for independence, freedom and possibly finances as we’re in Taurus here. I would note that this energy might blur into May.

With the Uranus sun semi sextile there is going to be more light shone on your life. It’s the planet of awakening and it will assist you in seeing things for what they really are.

Pluto newly in Aquarius for a spell is square mercury. Pluto asks us to look at the shadow side – so the moon will illuminate something that needs to be understood, find the truth. This is a slow burn Aquarius will not fully be in Pluto until the end of next year. This will call you to the way that you are looking at things and the meaning that you are giving to things in your life. Balance how you communicate, do not let the shadow shut you down. If you let it, Pluto can support you to release what does not serve.

Our Libra Full Moon chart is really predominantly asking us to clear out the things, situations, people etc that lower our energy. We’re heading into Eclipse Season and our Aries eclipse will asking us to bring in the new and a higher vibrational frequency. Let this softer moon assist you now, go where your heart calls you on the level of Venusian ruled Libra. Seek balance, harmony and peace. Balance your relationships, so that you can balance roots that let you feel safe.

You may be more affected by this moon if 12 to 20 degrees points are in your chart in the cardinal signs.


What attitude behaviour or thought structure are you ready to release in relationships?

Are there any relationships that are not serving you, how can you create boundaries, or gently release them?

Where are you being called? Think about this and then allow yourself to begin the journey towards your heart yearnings.


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