I am Enough ...

My eye has just lingered on a book that’s on my bookshelf by John Naish called enough. Enough is about breaking free from the world of excess. The book is about ‘enoughness’ and how in the western world we always seem to be reaching for the next big thing.

It has made me think about being enough. Am I enough to write this blog? Do I have enough skills to help people to change their lives? Does the whole idea of needing more and more bleed into our view of who we are as people?

I’d say yes it can, the whole idea of needing more used to affect me. Think about it if you're always chasing the next big thing it makes it mighty hard to see yourself as enough, to see yourself as someone that is good enough to do all the things that you may want to do.

To my mind stretching, searching and looking for that something more detracts from ever being enough.

‘Are we there yet? Are we there yet? It’s the eternal chorus from the back seat of human evolution… Are we happy enough yet? Are we informed enough yet? … if Lord Maynard Keynes, were in the driving seat, he’d turn around and reply somewhat testily, ‘bloody hell yes, now get out and start enjoying the view.’

John Naish – Enough

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