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Full Moon in Aries October 2022 Report

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My Tagline for the Aries Full Moon: Are you ready to let go of everything that tethers you and step into freedom.

Our Full Moon in Aries is on the 9th of October 2022 at 16 degress and 32 mins of Aries. This is highlighting our spiritual expression, change and movement.

Aries full moon symbolises strength, it is a resilient sign that has the mark of the leader, resourceful and brave it wants to create a new world, after it has purged everything that no longer fits. It’s the first sign of the zodiac, offering you the chance to begin again. New start, new beginnings can be accessed here. With the current planet configurations it might take a little time, yet the opportunity is definitely there. Aries energy is able to give you the clear yes and no’s and this means that there is the possibility of fast movement – then mars in Gemini will want to have a chat re: Whether it thinks it’s workable or not!

Aries full moon heralds the move into 'I' consciousness, with the sun opposite in libra with libra sign season in full swing we’re being called to create a sense of harmony and collaboration in the sense of the individual aspect, confused at all, you might be as Libra definitely is. Our fiery sign of Aries wants to move and go, yet Libra wants there to be more understanding all around.

Think around honouring yourself in relationships in your decisions and even though things may seem riddled with obstacles use your deep inner reserves to move forward.

The chart shows a kite configuration and it aspects that the need for freedom is very high right now. Allow the release of anything that can not sustain you & shake of everything that is standing in your way, if this is tricky beware of a trapped feeling. If we do not allow the release there may be a sense of bondage to a situation, experience, thing that is happening for you.

The question here is can you balance your own needs and those of others? I have to be honest there is a conflict between these two Aries is fairly dominant in the need for independence and self sufficiency while Libra wants to work together and create from a space of harmony. This moon will highlight this imbalance and we are being called to balance the scales. See the potential for peace in your life, especially with regards to your relationships. If we’re wise the aries libra balancing act can bring us peace.

Our full moon is conjunct Chiron Rx (retrograde)– this highlights expressing yourself, maybe there are things that you have been holding back. Allow the emotions that come up from this to help you to reveal that which needs to be expressed, healed or released away under the light of this moon.

Libra sun is aligned (sitting right beside) Venus at 13 degrees – true love and harmony is highlighted here. It’s asking you to share in ways that you may not have done before, there is openness to this energy. What feelings within you need to be released what you have been sitting on that has not been expressed – this is with regards to your emotions, you feelings and your intimate connections. Be aware of how you express this with Mars in Gemini we need to be aware of using our voice and words with valour. On the plus side in depth conversations are highlighted and getting things done. Mars is trine Saturn retrograde also creates a sense of direction and Saturn can help mars in Gemini to be less distracted. Watch out for lots of information coming in. Watch out for the Mars Neptune square – to my mind I’d say maybe wait before you have the conversation or get the idea out to ensure that you are sure of what you are sharing/doing.

During this FM there might be an opening available as we have a trine of the air signs and this may bring clarity where there was none before, also in some senses rather than a letting go this Aries full moon highlights a kind of falling away, some things will just not be in your energy anymore.

We are in a space of jumping forward as the planets are due to shift, note the shift in direction will create an energy surge – Mercury is now direct, Pluto moves direct on the 8th – therefore it is stationary in terms of this FM and later Saturn moves stationary direct on 23rd .

Note that Saturn and Pluto will move forward and they will be moving into new signs in March 2023. Pluto will be waving a big goodbye to Capricorn that has been helping us to turn our life around. Saturn will also be moving into a new sign.

Keep remembering that we are in a release phase – what has reached its sell by date and how can you shift the energy you are dealing with into something that is more aligned, let the Aries fire burn away that which no longer works for you. Aries highlights independence, doing things your way to create some relationship harmony.

There’s a kind of busyness this month, let yourself be swept along with it Aries won’t want it any other way also things that you have been planning will be given the opportunity to become more tangible than they previously have been. Embrace this new energy to help you make things manifest.

Wrap up

Our two main areas to bring our attention to are – Chiron Aries – express yourself and allow your emotions to come up and the Libra Sun Venus energy asking us to bring harmony to our relationships with the independence and I ness of Aries in play. It is a balancing act. With the planetary configuration you have the tools you need to make the inroads. Remember eclipse season is coming up at the end of October this will bring heightened energy and changes.

Our Release Questions for the Month

What have you been holding back, what can you share and release now?

How can you express yourself to bring in more freedom?


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