Are you doing too much? Is it time to take your foot off the accelerator?

When all the routines in the land might be the cause of your burnout ...


Yoga, meditation, mindfulness, journaling, morning pages, evening pages, going for a run, eating healthy, taking care of your body, warm baths, time to self etc: Are they just another addition to your already overloaded list? Another task that gets thrown onto the treadmill of overwhelm, that is getting bigger and bigger.

How many of us are burning out because we are unable to stop doing? Regardless of how good yoga is for you, or meditation, it is still a doing activity. Don’t get me wrong I love both of these activities, however there are times when I just don’t get round to making time for them.

If you are on a self improvement plan you might have come across the good ‘ole advice with regard to morning and evening routines, or even just routines in general. In self development, self care, and love sometimes there are expectations to find times in the day to re-configure yourself by practicing activities which help to re-align yourself.

My inner voice often says, ‘if these things are important to you will make time for them!’ The truth is that sometimes I just don’t make the time for them. When I am feeling drained, overwhelmed, and I want the world to stop I know that these activities would pep me up. However my gener