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Do your mistakes throw you into a panic? - blog quickie ...

Love your mistakes, they uncover your brilliance.

Love your mistakes - selflovelselfcaresystem

We’re taught from a very young age that mistakes are made when we are not applying ourselves, or when we are not paying attention. The school system works on the platform of right and wrong answers, right and wrong behaviour, right and wrong ideas and opinions that have filtered down over the years (please note I'm not referring to questions that have a direct answer like 1+1=2). None of this is wrong per se, however it has the knock on effect of causing fear when we make mistakes.

The image of everyone sinking into their chairs hoping the teacher will not pick them, comes to mind. How many of us have experienced being laughed at when we were singled out to answer a question, we did not have the answer to?

I am referring to the kind of mistakes that are perceived or do not matter in the grand scheme of life. The type of mistakes that we hold onto for no reason, that informs our future behaviour.

The fact is that mistakes are a precursor to getting it RIGHT...

We all make mistakes; some of us might be less ready to admit it than others!!! ;)

Mistakes are good, they help us to improve, learn to apply ourselves and create new perspective; which inspires our brilliance. The truth is that re-framing the way that we look at a mistake or failure is what helps us to change the way that we look at the world.

Embrace that you really can't fail, there aren't any mistakes and that you are on a journey to learn from what you experience.

'...Many of the factual and grammatical errors with which the Da Vinci Code is littered arguably could & should have been picked up before publication...'

A Year of Reading Dangerously: How fifty great books changed my life - Andy Miller.

Despite these apparent errors (I have not checked this, Andy Miller has cited this in his book), The Da Vinci Code was a phenomenally successful book.

Top Tips:

Here are some of the ideas I taught children at school when I was a primary school teacher.

  • Mistakes help us to hone our skills.

  • Mistakes help us to improve.

  • Mistakes are learning tools that accompany us throughout life.

There are no mistakes, just fun, growing up and becoming who you are, the bottom line is perceived mistakes, shape us.

Lots Love xxxxXx

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