Are you sitting in toxicity?

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Love & Care Series

This article is about being kind to yourself, immersing yourself in what lifts you up as opposed to what knocks you down.

Toxic is a word that makes me cringe, however for the topic in this article it is apt. Whether we realise it or not, we all at some point in our lives get hijacked by toxicity.

This toxic element can apply to situations, to people, to social media groups, to our own thinking/beliefs, the news, negative articles, negative talking, toxic workplaces, toxic shows, toxic influences and buildings. The saying 'what's your poison?' Springs to mind!!! There is a veritable list of where we can pick up toxicity.

There are different ways of dealing with toxicity.

In some ways vigilance is the core answer, because when we are not vigilant it is easy to be pulled along by toxicity. When any of us is knocked by something that is toxic we will automatically draw on an outdated coping mechanism to help us to deal with the struggle. This in itself can lead us to further problems.

Of course some of us are more progressive than others and have better ways of coping. However, when our go to action knocks us down, or drags us into anger and negative thought patterns, then toxicity has affected us.