Stop: Giving away your Power ...

We are limitless, infinite possibilities …

It is easier to give our Power away than we realise. We all give it away to a certain degree at some point in our lives. The problem is most of us are not really aware of this power, we don’t know what it is and no one told us about it when we were younger. Cue: A lack of strength in keeping our power to ourselves.

The truth is that giving our Power away is counter-productive and it stops us from moving forward into new thought processes. It also shows, that we have not learnt to love and care about ourselves.

It is important to understand how we give our Power away, how the behaviours that we employ do not serve us. Once we have this knowledge we can take our Power back, or at least not give it away anymore. Giving Power away takes the form of behaviours that we have employed since we were children to keep us safe. This could be people pleasing, playing the superhero/human - doing everything on our own, martyr syndrome and perfectionism. There are other behaviours, however these are the base methods that we use.

People Pleasing

Saying yes when you mean no, making choices that will make others happy as opposed to making you happy.