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Why a Gratitude Practice is worth it... (blog quickie)

Gratitude practice


Sometimes life hits a sticky patch and I feel as if I am wading through treacle, I know that the way forward is not going to be easy.

This is when my reserves start to run on empty, when I start to feel out of sorts and the edge of life slips out of my hands. I feel as if I am in free fall. There is nothing to hold onto, no parachute. Just the insane feeling, that if I do not think fast, I am going to hit concrete.

Gratitude helps with this – The day, week, month or even year may be hell.

However, when I focus, be present and see the good that is happening all around me, it is easier for me to re-group and to keep on making the slow steps through the treacle.

No one wants to experience situations that throw them off balance, knocks their best laid plans, or forces them into actions that they feel ill prepared to take. Yet, sometimes there is just no choice.

Gratitude is simple, some people keep a gratitude journal – now that’s not for me. Other people just find ways to connect to the good things that happen in their life, there are blogs out there, there are podcasts and posts on social media. Whatever way works for you, use it.

I pause before I go to bed and think of three things that I have been grateful for in the day...

An example of a days gratitude thoughts

1 I got to sleep in, I really needed that sleep my body was aching and my mind was racing and I was feeling low – so I thanked me for letting myself crash out in the middle of the day. I was lucky it was Sunday. It was my time to nurture, my time to protect me.

2 I am so grateful that I got my new story to read. I read a few chapters and felt as if I had been taken on a journey. Who says that one needs to leave the house to get away from it all?

3 I was grateful for my breakfast. I am so into yoghurt and berries right now – sooooo yummy – eat well and sleep well is what I say.

Being grateful for the simple things in our lives can re-wire us, this re-wiring helps us to feel more connected to ourselves and to our lives. In fact there is a magic in gratitude, when we practice being grateful we create new thinking within our core that invites more pleasant experiences into our lives.

Which means that even if you are wading through treacle, suddenly the treacle starts to lose it’s edge and you are more and more able to get through it.

The Benefits

  • You will feel better, it can help with feelings of anxiety and worthiness

  • Gratitude - re-wires the way that we look at the world in a positive way

  • You will be inspired to branch out into new things

  • When the world feels chaotic your focus will be wired into connection - which deepens feelings of calm

  • It can help to reduce stress

  • It can help you to view your world in a different way.

selfloveselfcaresystem - why gratitude

The other thing

Gratitude raises your vibration it helps you to move into thankfulness, which is a positive emotion. It is tricky to hold negative vibration next to a positive one.

Go on find a little moment to evoke gratitude, it will strengthen you against life’s curve balls.

All the love xxxXx

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