How to ignite the process of positive self talk - Love series blog quickie ...

The Love Series - Blog Quickie

Love Series - Self Love & Self Care System

Last week I outlined kick starting the inner healing process to love. This week is about setting the wheels in motion.

Now I am not going to lie to you this is very deep work it takes soul searching, reflection and deep inner understanding. The method is slow burn, because working alone requires you to be gentle with your body & mind. When you take it slowly, it is easier to integrate and helps to create new neural pathways to change.

If you do need help please don't hesitate in either e-mailing me or fb messaging me or /lifecatalystcoach. Or book one of my free 30 minute sessions, we can carry it out via skype, phone or in person.

To start the ball rolling you are going to nurture yourself. Each step that you take can