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Something Different: It's time for a life change

Often when I am coaching the major sticking point that comes up for clients is getting out of their own way. This then gets teamed up with behaviours, ways of doing things, beliefs attitudes and limitations that stunt growth and hinder evolving.

For the majority of us, by the time we get to a certain age our way of behaving and the way that we approach life has become fairly standardised. We have a set of go to ideas, responses and behaviours that come up effortlessly and with regularity. This is an automated response then takes over all situations even the new ones because we are comfortable with the process of doing things using our signature moves.

Now this means that when change rears its head, many of us are using outdated responses. Let's call these responses coping mechanisms that we use to navigate life. Often we might see the situation as negative too, even when it is offering us a great opportunity and possibility to grow.

Now before I go on let's be kind and honest. There is a reason for this and it is governed by our early childhood experiences. When we are young we put in place coping mechanisms and protections to keep ourselves safe. The only problem is that often our reactions to situations when we are younger are out of proportion as we age and mature into adulthood.

Often in adulthood we are using the same strategies to cope with adversity that we used when we were children. This method creates walls, blocks and stuck spaces within our lives because during childhood there are many experiences that we would not have had. Yet we may unconsciously/subconsiously approach a new situation with an old coping mechanism.

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Break the Cycle

There is a way to break this very natural cycle so that you can move into a new way of life. Let's be frank here, this will take some bravery, it will take trust and it will probably throw in a few letting go situations that upend your life and create turmoil, for some of us!! Not all of us I hasten to add.

The method is very gentle and you can go as small or large as you want. The solution is to do something different. I know it sounds simple, yet, when we do something different, or react in a different way we create new possibilities within our lives. The reason most of us get stuck and we feel as if we are hitting problems is because we are doing things, or reacting to situations in the same way that we have always reacted to them. However we cannot resolve a problem or situation with the same thinking that got us there.

Now let's remember that in order to create deep full lasting change structures, walls, beliefs, limitations and old scripts that you have been running on repeat for years may need to come down, to make way for a new beginning, a new start. Ask many people that have changed their lives and one thing they will often tell you, is that in order to get to where they are, they have had to let go of a great deal of what they felt defined them.

It is this starting point,where the old is dissolved that will help you to change your life for the better. Firstly look at a life area, career, love life, where you are living. Do you feel you want something different in a life area? Do you wake up in the morning asking yourself, what am I doing? What's the point? Or feel as if you are treading water and that there is something missing?

If your answer is yes to any of the above, then it's time to do different, think different ...

Now here's a little observation, often when we don't make these changes ourselves the Universe will do it for us, it will do it because change creates new energy and energy is what we all work with.

This is your situation to make changes in your life. Start small, go medium or go big that is your choice. The main point being make a choice, to ensure a choice is not made for you.

When you step into the wisdom of change, you become the director of your life and you are able to upgrade your life in phenomenal ways.

The Action Steps

It takes honesty, courage and bravery to admit to the realisation that we are the ones that have kept ourselves stuck in life. It also takes these traits to do something about it.

This is your life, if you want to make it Big, Wild and Beautiful then you can.

How it Works

  1. Go to my article where I run through the life areas exercise and jot down the seven life areas. Do the percentage exercise to check in with where you are unhappiest within your life (it's towards the end of the article) .

  2. Now pick one or two areas that have low percentage scores

  3. Be honest, what is and what is not working. This part asks you to be curious about what you would like? What do you want? What would improve these areas?

  4. Now you know what you need to do... You can take small steps, medium sized or larger steps depending on your quest, your personality and what is comfortable for you. Everyday do one small thing that is different to upgrade this life area.

  5. Your aim now is to take six weeks and implement manageable and doable steps each and everyday. As you'll have crushed the 21 day marker with this, a habit can be built here.

As you Get Bolder

That was just the beginning, once you have mastered the necessary life changes, start to be ambitious. Ambition asks you to do hard things, make tougher choices, say yes to offers when you would usually say no, be different, do different.

Here we are being asked to throw caution to the wind and open the door to living differently. To create a new life asks you to metamorphosise into the best version of yourself. The self that values you, lets you makes wild decisions and assists you in being brave.

This is your life and it deserves to be magnificient. When you begin to alter it by doing different, your energy changes and this will help to magnetise new experiences to you that you might never have contemplated before.

Here's to many of us doing different

All the love Me xxxXx


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