Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in Taurus | Are you ready for a New Destiny?

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My Tagline for this Full Moon is: Sit tight the Wave is about to pull us into a new destiny once we’ve released what we’re clinging to.

We’ve got our full moon Lunar Eclipse on the 8th of November 2022 at 3.01am Pacific, 11.01 am uk time and 7.01am Eastern, the moon is at 16 degrees. There is balance highlighted here and new opportunity also a link to moving into the spiritual centre of things on the level of independence and love.

Our Full moon Total Eclipse is coming at us with a wild intensity, roaring into our lives.

This is a very fixed chart as there are 6 fixed signs. I have highlighted before that when we are in an energy like this it’s really hard to move about as fixedness is stubborn, it wants things it’s own way and does not want to move. It’s a busy moon with the Venus linked to love, Mercury our planet of communication, Saturn father time, Uranus the awakener planet and the Nodes. There’s a locked position due to the fixedness and Uranus’s wants to break out and awaken us all from our slumber.

You’re going to be most affected if you have planets at 12 – 20 degrees of any of the fixed signs. If you’re not sure what this is there are lots of free natal charts online that can show you your planets. This is your chance to make improvements on the Taurus/Scorpio areas in your natal chart.

As ever there and has been the case for a while now Saturn is 18 degrees Aquarius and Uranus is 17 degrees Taurus energy, one wants fixedness and the other wants the freedom to move. In a sense this will create a struggle in the behaviour of the people and the systems. Think of it as s