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Eclipse Season & What it Means for you

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I didn’t make my new moon video, it’s very weird I had the chart made the notes and then poof just like that the date came and went and before I knew it I was full swing in the energy of the eclipses instead.

So as an alternative I am here with an eclipse season video to let you know what’s going on and what we are being called to take care of in this energy. We had our partial new moon solar eclipse on the 25th of October when the new moon was in Scorpio. This heralded our value systems being challenged and we’re being called to examine how we see the world.

Bring your energy to the last time that we were in this energy this would have been Oct 1995 and 2014 – this eclipse might bring some of these themes back. Where were you what was happening, what themes were opening up in your life?

This is really worth doing, I did it and I was totally blown away by the similarities and the themes. Know that you are further along in the themes and the opportunities offered here are immense growth in the areas that turn up. So for me I have relationship and career highlighted. Let me know if you feel called what comes up for you.

I want you to remember that eclipses bring intensity with them and they last a long time Changes are due for all of us in the next 3-6 months or so… The earth is awakening and we are too, this can create an instability and with Scorpio new moon, then the Taurus full moon which is on the 8th November we will feel even more intensity. Let’s put it this way this is a way for us to evolve – the advice, be ready.

Although the November 8th full moon total lunar eclipse ends the season the energies of eclipses are still with us. I think of them as cosmic about shifts as they tend to create changes in direction, unplanned direction that we did not see and the nature of the eclipse means that we can’t control the frequency modulation either. This is also going to show us the shadow the areas of ourself that we have not revealed, it will also be so much harder to keep wearing the fake smile or not saying anything you just won’t be able to.

New beginnings in the area of control, money, intimacy, power and sharing are highlighted for months after the Eclipses. Finances are really aspected here along with where we are in our emotional landscape… There are two elements to this, for those that find it tricky to ask for help it is now time to ask for help and for those that get help regularly it is time to go it alone.

Eclipses are tied to themes in the world and with the nodes in taurus and scorpio we’re being called to evolve into the positive traits of Taurus energy. Stepping into beauty, luxury, the practical, being steadfast and self reliant are traits that we’re being called to create within ourselves. This is no longer the time to be relying on other’s for our understanding about ourself.

The energy and the frequency is calling us all to let go and release our co-dependence, drama, lust, greed. If we think of a global manifestation of this we’d be looking at alliances and working together in a way that removes a need for one another recreating co-dependant relationships. The world has recently shown us where life can go if we rely too much on outside forces to keep us safe and to provide for us and we are being asked to drop into an inner self reliance, resilience and a deeper strength…

As I have already said you can’t be prepared for this the unexpected is highlighted here. I see eclipse season as often the twist in the tale, you think you’re going left and suddenly the satnav is taking you into space you feel unprepared for, there is nothing you can do as you’re hurtling seemingly into the wrong direction. Be prepared for a chance of a secret reveal with the nodes in Taurus where we’re going and scorpio where we have been. As I have mentioned in the moon reports this is the time for shifts in your attitude, thoughts and beliefs. In our partial solar eclipse there was the energy of things just falling away, what you thought you were doing has taken on a different energy or in fact changed itself completely. As with all of life the underlying change could manifest itself in either a positive or negative way – you may loose, or gain a job, hit good fortune or not – get the picture.

We are in the energy of death and rebirth the Scorpio sun brings this in while the Taurus moon that is due is bringing through safety and security again on a personal level. There is a two year mars rtn upon us and what makes it a bigger deal is that us is going through it’s Pluto return which is its birth position of the country and this is to do with finance and values, spiritual rebirth and it is potentially a financial rebirth and Pluto is the planet of death and rebirth and in a lot of senses scorpio has that energy too.

Interesting Eclipse Facts

During eclipses there is another strange scenario and this is often that time appears to be all over the place, You might feel as if time speeds up or that it slows down – this is an eclipse gift as it brings forth the energy and frequency of being able to fit it all in, even though there does not seem to be the time or space to do it. Trust in this.

Eclipses are our re-set button – they demand it of us they herald the energy of beginnings and endings all wrapped up with a bow.

What an Eclipse is

I like to think of Eclipse season as the satnav recalculating your course when you have taken a wrong turn. Okay so an Eclipse season may take you out of one particular space and place you in a new one, yet it does this to point you in the right direction and to make sure that you are facing your true north. Trust this guidance rather than being resistant. My method here is yeah give yourself a few irritable, dummy out the pram days when you holler – but I wanted to go that way then shake yourself off and get on and move in the direction that is being highlighted to you. It’s better ya know…

How it works

Eclipse season is a pesky little munki as it’s a revealer, so you may not get all the information at once, therefore be wary of jumping to conclusions, jumping right in or out – allow the information to filter in as it has a long time span and there is time to understand, remember eclipse seasons can last about six months or so after the season itself, therefore allow yourself to gain clarity before you go off and end up all about turned. We’re being asked to learn to be open to change, to allow ourselves to hold the reigns of our life loosely. The story needs to unfold and only from that unfolding can we gain the clarity that we need. I would say watch out for impulsivity as there is a sense of wanting to think before we act, do before we have understood, remember this is not the time for this.

This is also the season where you can’t hide from yourself and all of your angst, irritation with life, upset, anxiety, annoyance, fear and panic may just flag up. If it is usual for you to brush over these feelings stop for a moment and try a new way. Eclipses offer us the opportunity to grow, to surrender to end up renewed and reborn. So allow the energy that is available to help you to deal with the wounding that you are holding within. What can you heal and remove from your energetic system now. If there are any self destructive traits within, it’s time to work on these.

What can help

Connecting to Gaia can help you in this season, it can recalibrate you, you re-focus you and help you to navigate the changes that are occurring within your psyche. As this is a portal energy you can assist yourself through this time with commitment to nature, to being outside and to grounding. I’m offering a free four part earth star meditation course, right now that can really help you with this. Come and join the party. If you’re interested, I recommend signing up on my website as sometimes Eventbrite is hit and miss with the attendance zoom links. You do not have to attend live as there will be replays, just think in four weeks you can re-connect and re-define.

Oh and on a note all that stuff you’re consuming, as in sm, news, anything that pulls you into toxicity remove it from your life. Even the stuff that has you comparing yourself to others, it would be great to limit your exposure to this stuff right now. This is your time, it is your time to tap in and tune into your own inner self and ask you what you want.

We are in the energy of a new beginning…

Great Action Steps During this time…

Ask yourself what you were doing during 1995 October and 2014, note the themes.

What were you resistant to then – be more open here as you’re being called to step up and change your thoughts on all of this!

Enquiry Question: What can you release that is outmoded and outdated to move into the new direction.


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