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Rubbish day, month year... find out why?

when everything in life goes wrong

Sometimes it does not matter what we do, everything goes wrong, we have bad day, month or even dare I say it year!!!

When we are in the middle of this we are catapulted into a world we just want to get out of!!! Yes, I know at the time most of us just want to run for the hills. However there are things happening that we are usually not aware of.

March was such a month for me, everything that could come up, did come up. Health issues, internet went down, my laptop died, my washing machine packed up my kettle broke. I could go on there was more!!!!!! Great so I had a rubbish March 2018. Yep, it's official, the heavens reigned down crazy on me and I survived :) ...

Now usually when stuff like this happens I go a little nuts until it has all come right. However this time instead of doing this I sat down with a notepad and pen and wrote it all down. There is no accident when these things start occurring. They are a way for the Universe, inner self (or whatever you believe in), to offer us clues about our next step.

Or you could say we are being offered clues re: what is going wrong and why.

Chaos, catastrophe, whatever you want to call it is another way to offer us a new road.

I call these our life signs and symbols. When we pay attention we are given all the information that we need in order to move forward. When we ignore these signs and symbols, they will get louder.

It is worth listening because when they get louder it means that we will be thrown larger messengers to deal with, which can be more painful. The truth is that signs and symbols are not always nice. They happen to make us sit up and take notice of what is happening around us.

Have you ever had a twinge in your arm or something and thought oh, it doesn’t matter it will set itself right. Then as the days, weeks, months, years go by it gets worse. Eventually when it gets quite unbearable a doctor’s appointment is made. The doctor says, ‘why didn’t you come sooner we could have helped you to get rid of it. Now it’s going to either take longer, or never ever quite be right again!!!’

The truth is that we are all prone to ignoring messengers at some point in our life. Whether it is health, wealth, career, family. Messages, signs and symbols are sent to us often. It is just that sometimes we ignore them, other times we are too busy to notice them and worse of all is when we just get mad that things are not working out the way that we thought that they should.

In most cases the signs that we are shown are a method to arrive at a point in our lives quicker than we would on the current path that we are taking.

Or the message may just be a signpost on your journey helping you with the next step so that you can effortlessly move into the next phase of your life.

So for example I have been on an old path for a while now, the signs that have been offered to me are not to say that I have been on the wrong path so much as to say, next step, next part of your life, it is happening now. The cues are there so that I do not miss the opportunity. For me the signs are showing me a different direction to the one that I am currently on.

I can see that the options that are posed will create a new life for me and enable me to clear the decks and start again.

Now don’t get me wrong the new path is a little bit mad, in the sense that it offers no promise that it will work out, or that I will be okay. However, sometimes we’ve just got to jump without the parachute and trust. I am ready to trust in the process and take a leap. Some of us do extreme sports, looks at this as extreme life choices.

Of course the risk takers among us will wonder what on earth I am talking about because they tend to be dauntless and make mad choices everyday. It’s just those of us that like the safe trusted route have to be brave when these opportunities kick up.

Therefore, we ignore these signs because we are afraid to make the change and do something that may seem counterintuitive. The problem is that if we ignore the signs and symbols we will miss the opportunity or fail to realize that we are on a path that is not good for us.

It really is worth taking note of what your life is telling you and putting on your ‘yes hat’. Your yes hat is simple, it’s just saying yes to life. It is taking the experiences, signs and symbols that you are offered and following the natural path that they show you. Whether there is fear or not, in fact a little fear is a good thing. It means that comfort zones are being stretched.

When we move our comfort zone outwards, we are able to create deeper and further expansion because once we move beyond one boundary another is created. As we move further forward we expand our own capabilities.

The problem is de-coding the signs and recognizing whether we are holding on too tightly to situations in our life. It is easy to get stuck in chaos if we do not notice the symbols and signs that are being offered to us. To notice them we need to ensure that we are being aware.

However, when little things turn into bigger things and the situation begins to snowball, we are being shown that we need to do something as soon as possible. The signs would have been there all along. When we hit snowball, we have not been listening.

Imagine if you will that all your electrical items in your house start to play up. The logical meaning of this is that items that are electrical in component will go wrong sometimes.

In the case of this example, it is about looking at the symbolism – what do all the electrical things mean to you, are the things that have failed to work pointing at anything in particular? Of course, it could just be that these things have gone. However, if there are many items all at once, there is a message in it, ignore it at your peril.

The truth is that we send ourselves these messages inadvertently by dropping the ball in areas of our lives.

If we do not notice that a change needs to be made the Universe, or whatever you believe in will find a way to create the change for you. Maybe you want to move, but you don’t want to do the graft to make the change. Before you know it your landlady is telling you that the house is no longer available. This kind of thing happens all the time.

To my mind, the best case scenario would be to notice the symbols and signs that you are getting and commit to making the change that will be foisted on you, if you do not take the initiative and make the change yourself.

It happens over and over again to people and if you ask them after the event they will say I know it had to happen I just didn’t want to do it.

Story case scenario – this is not about real events and it’s about no person I know, it is just an example of how this happens.

Alex has been with Joanna for years, since they moved in together he knew that there was no relationship. However, Alex has a strong sense that if he just tries, he can make it work. Joanna knows that something is wrong and as time goes by she starts to plan how she will exit the relationship. One day, when she is totally decided she tells Alex that she is leaving to take a job in the Outer Hebrides that she has been offered.

Alex plays the wounded jaded lover, who really wanted to make it work. The truth is that throughout their relationship Alex was receiving signs and symbols that told him that he was not going to stay with Joanna. He knew it, yet he did not act on it.

Being empowered it taking responsibility for our life and making wise decisions based on our own life messengers and markers. Had Alex taken note of his own signs and symbols he may have experienced a different outcome in this scenario.

We take our pick in life and we can decide which experience we want to have. When we notice our own signs and messengers we are more able to experience an empowering change as opposed to a change that leaves us floored.

I am not quite sure how my scenario will work out yet. I am on the track of making changes so that I can move forward to my next phase. To my mind if we think of life as a series of chapters or phases, it makes it easier to understand that things do not have to stay the same forever.

This includes the people that we meet, associate with and socialise with, they will change too. Knowing that we are able to acknowledge and work with what we have, helps us to create an empowered and full life.

I know that some of us are prone to want to stay in the arms of what is safe and familiar. Yet, the truth is when life offers you a change and an opportunity to create something new, it is worth taking note.

The method

Notice the signs

Listen to the initial message

De-code what it means for you

Take small steps

Create new experiences

Start new phase

All signs and symbols do not lead to big changes, some of them are as small as getting a new kettle. However, whatever the change embrace it, go with it and have the fabulous life that you deserve.

Also a tiny note: This year is the year of change astrologically, so there is going to be a lot of clearing out and release work done by the majority of us… Enjoy the ride, you will come out of the other side, with a new life, new view maybe and lots of lovely experiences to share in the future.

Go for it lovelies

All the love to you and lots of luck xxxxXx

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