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New Moon in Taurus May 19th | Let the Energy of Taurus Help You Reset.

Our tagline for Our New Moon in Taurus is: Let the Energy of Taurus Help you Re-set

We have our New Moon in Taurus on the 19th May 2023...

I did the New moon in Taurus filming a different way this month which means that I have not got the notes to upload here. I have added a cliffnotes mini version for you and will update this if I can on the 19th.

We have our new moon this one is beautific Taurus, the sign that concerns itself with luxury and home life. Our new moon is just after the Eclipse season and it brings a gust of air whipped up from the ground in the frequency of Earthy Taurus, where many of our planets are stationed this new moon.

Being that we have, Sun, Moon, Uranus, Mercury, North Node and Jupiter in Taurus. There is alot of fixed energy in this chart. Think opportunity to reset, that may be hampered by a fixedness that stops the momentum. Watch out for this. It isn't anything to really worry abot though as there is great planetary configuration in this chart and assistance of the level of upgrading the life that you are living.

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