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New Moon in Sagittarius| Authentic You Wants An Adventure

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We have our new moon in Sagittarius on the 12th of December 2023

Tagline: Authentic You is Ready to Adventure

We have our new moon in Sagittarius on the 12th of November 2023, it is at 20 degrees and 40 minutes of Sagittarius and as this is a new moon it is sitting beside the sun cojunct at the same degree point.

Our new moon is at 3.32 pm Pacific, 6.32pm Eastern & 11.32 pm UK time.

Sagittarius wants us to quit the excuses, be spontaneous and step into adventure. It's the sign that wants you to expand your horizon. There is something exploratory about this sign and it will ask you to look outside for how you want to create the freedoms that you want in this life. This is the sign that holds the ability to believe.

Buckle up it's time for a new ride

With Mars also sitting in Sagittarius at 13 degree you are being called to a new place. It's asking you to balance yourself so that you can move into what you need to do. This is a supportive element behind the sun, you're ready to learn something new. You're being called to step into your dreams. Also note that New Moon conjunct Mars in sagittarius can have an opinionated air so be aware.

With many planets in mutable signs there is a changability highlighted. Think along the lines of adaptable, open, ready. Be ready to upgrade your frequency.

The New Moon is square Neptune in Pisces at 24 degrees, this can bring up fears. This watery element in pisces asks you to think spiritually on how you can understand your next brave step forward. This square asks you to be open to that which is spiritual in the world. We can open to all the different types of practices and this is supported by Saturn in Pisces. Father time is knocking on the door here and asking you how you are going to concepualise the time that you have. You might feel confused because whatever you are being told about the next stage is not clear here, yet you're being called to trust that you will understand. Watch out for Neptunes watery deception that can come from all avenues and lead to procrastination with this square.

The sun and the moon are trine the north node in Aries Rx, stepping into your I energy, your independant self. This beckons you forward to a new beginning, something Aries loves. This links you into the Chiron energy and pats you on the back with regard to the feelings and inner stories that have played out, stories and feelings that you have healed. Remember that Chiron deals with your wounding. This will help you to know your personal path, the one that your north node is directing you to. You've got this and you are ready to move with the light that sagittarius brings you. With this aspect you are able to embrace uncertainty, you're being asked to do things differently.

Mercury is stationary and it is about to go rx, this will help to bring in the new for you and help you to create from a different space. I sense that there is an energy of the mysterious being highlighted here and we are going to notice the nature spirits and devas, check out some of my videos where the faie have made an appearance.

Jupiter is Rx Taurus and it brings in the energy and options that we need, so that we can be open and have a solution. You have been patient for so long and Jupiter says I have got you, you can find the long term answers as you dance in faith to the new space you want to step into. I want to say that this is sheer will and determination that you have expended here. With it's trine to mercury there is an aha because you are aware that the energy is slowly bringing you the answers through. This will take time because of the rx and it being in Taurus which wants grounding before it steps this up. You can do this, you can embrace something new, create a new plan, step into a different space and restart.

Tarot ~ 6 cups, the knight of cups, three of swords and the fool ~ there is a test emminent in your love life, you may face some heartache in a situation. Yet the fool says that there will be something to be happy about.

In this chart the message is, you know where you want to go, you have a plan that works with your independant weird eclectic self. You know that you are ready, you are aware that to care for yourself there is no need to share this with others. You will be reviewing and starting regardless because December calls you to make a plan to go where Sagittarius wants, think pegasus the winged horse that will take you on a journey.

Remember that you are nearly there and on this last new moon of 2023 you are being called to the new energy, all the planets going direct in January and Pluto tumbles back into Aquarius readying you for the magical mystery ride that is imminent with the new spiritual energies that are roaring in to uplift, re-focus and bring in a new world that is fairer and kinder. Drop expectations and trust that what comes up for you will be accurate. You're part of this, take the challenge that Sagittarius is throwing at you, you're being offered the golden ticket. Think intensity, you're being called to level up and strengthen your frequency.

Ready for this come and join my Awakening Angel Consciousness group, where I help you to upgrade your frequency. There are lots of practices that will help you to begin to move into the galactivity that we are moving into. Our bodies are constantly being imprinted by the thoughts, feelings and energies that we are absorbing. Come and join our high vibe space that will assist you to step into love.

This phase of the Moon will affect people born with personal planets and points at approximately 16 to 26 degrees of the Mutable sign most significantly. It may also affect you if you have sun, moon or ascendant in sagittarius.

New Moon Intentions/Actions

Make a plan of something you want, remember this is a New Moon held in the energy of Mercury stationary about to go direct. This means this is a good time to get your ideas in order, what do you want, what would you like?

Set an intention at this New Moon to bring in something that you want.


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