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New Moon in Pisces|You are being steeped in sensitivity

Listen or Read Your Choice ~ please not if you are listening this is a podcast style report.

We have our new moon in Pisces on the 10th of March 2024

Tagline: Sink into the watery depths of Pisces

Our New Moon is at 20 degrees and 17 minutes of Pisces. It's at 2.00 am pacific, 5.00am Eastern & 10.00am uk time ~ When we have a moon in Pisces we are called to the mystery and exotic nature of the spiritual pathway.

We have a mini new moon in pisces report today, because this one is getting to me.

This new moon calls you to get ready to commit to your personal goals. There is something dreamy, empathic and romantic about the pisces new moon. Ruled by Neptune the planet of dreams you are being called to put your dreams into the picture, how can you start the ball rolling?

Are you ready to look inwards to the secret dreams and thoughts that you have been holding onto. There's something contemplative about the new moonin pisces, it may ask you to rest a while within, slow down connect in and activate your feminine traits.

Do watch out for the sensitivity and emotionality of pisces, traits such as taking on other people's issues, or getting in too deep are spaces you want to steer clear of. This means being strong and independant and recognising what belongs to you and what belongs to others.

This is your opportunity to embrace personal possibilities ...

With new moon sextile Uranus sudden change is highlighted along with a touch of taurean rebellious energy on the level of independance. There is something of the freedom seeker here you are being called to embrace your individuality. Are you ready to open yourself up to the positive opportunity that may show up in a way you might not be expecting? Think wild abandon and how you can release shackles and dive into its watery depths.

This undertaking that is spiralling up from your dreamspace, is supported by neptune the ruler of pisces at 27 degrees. It's message you can be the spiritual master, you have got the tools, be ready to look beyond the current reality that you are living and move into a new space.

Tarot ~ The Original Rider Waite Tarot Deck ~ Conceived of by AE White and Designed by Pamela Coleman-Smith

Saturn at 11 degrees of Pisces will support the dream with a realism and practicality that will show you how you can make this work. Think security and safety, Saturn will assist you to make this dream a solid proposition. Beware this may be a little sticky in the sense that Saturn can yield restriction. However the new moons proximity to Neptune and the fact that it is moving towards Neptune and away from Saturn, this ought to take the sting out of Saturns tail (yes the star sign Saturn governs has a tail) ~ there's a feeling of optimism here. The message is to trust in the planetary vibe, to support you as you make your way forward with grace. Remember right now this is the glimpse of the dream.

With all the major bodies direct you will feel the energy and vibration of forward movement. There will be inspiration and purpose higlighted for you to tune into.

This phase of the Moon may affect people born with personal planets and points at approximately 16 to 24 degrees of the Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces) most significantly and if you have sun moon or ascendant in pisces.

New Moon Intentions/Actions

What have you been wishing for, there is a dream you have that has been asking for momentum. Use this tme toset your intentions with regard to how you are going ot move forward into actualising it

With Love Hem and The Angels xxxxXx


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