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New Moon in Leo 2023 | The Path of the Heart

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Our New Moon in Leo is on the 16th of August 2023.

Tagline for the New Moon: The Journey into your Heart with the regal Lion and Lioness.

On the 16th of August we have our magnificient Leo New Moon. Are you ready to take charge of your world because it is time! Our moon is at 23 degrees and 17 minutes ~ think change on the level of your personal world. The Moon will be with us 10.38am uk time 5.38am Eastern time and 2.38 am Pacific. You can check out your own time online.

Our NM is where we go from the dark into the light. You’re reconnecting into yourself and you are recalibrating so that you can set an intention as you go forward. Our new moon in fiery Leo draws in after the Lions Gate to embed the possibilities of manifestation.

Leo wants you to step into your heart. Leo is the sign that symbolises being generous, heart centred, hospitable, warm, authoritative, open, dynamic, given to being proud of the self. You can use this nm to bring these qualities within you to the surface.

With 5 fixed signs aspected and 7 planets in fire, this is a very dynamic chart that is giving you the possibility to clear the decks and create the life you want to live, you can literally burn away anything that does not support you.

This is a super time to allow your new ideas to manifest. You can improve your intimate relationships under this moon, give in to creativity and build a new vision for your life. Even though Venus is Rx with the energy of Leo, there is enough to assist you. Although be warned Venus rx perched next to the sun is warning against starting anything new relationship wise, wait till after the 3rd of September.

With this lunation being tightly squared Uranus in Taurus there’s phenomenal change highlighted, there’s surprises and sudden events highlighted. Your motto could be I can, I can, I can. Leo wants you to do what you want to do and be the best version of yourself in the process.

Leo does not want you to fit in with the world, it wants you to fit in with who you are and who you want to be. Find what brings you pleasure, find hope, know what brings you fire and fires you up! Stop fitting in – believe me Leo won’t do that it won’t want you to.

With the energy of Pluto trine Uranus we’re offered new beginnings and stepping into an independent paradigm. Uranus Pluto literally says something must change and a new world is imminent. Transformation is highlighted. You’re being asked to re-structure and rebuild. This is then supported by Pluto trine Mars - this brings you courage to build something new. You will feel energetic and able to make the desired changes - you'll be given the willpower you need to move forward courageously.

Mars trine Uranus that is supporting Pluto/Mars/Uranus trine - Are you ready to embrace freedom? You can build something new and you will have the energy to do it.

Opposition Mercury and Neptune - highlighting a new beginning on the level of communication and how you use your voice chakra on the level of neptune there will be an ending and this might be a way for you to transcend boundaries, raising your higher awareness - watch out for this being closer to feeling disillusioned about what you want to say and express.

Your relationship to others is being aspected with the Mars/Neptune opposition. Be careful how you perceive those around you as this energy could activate or trigger you.

You might feel a reflection which could express itself as annoyance. If you use this opposition well you can build better relationships release the ones that annoy you and begin again. This opposition might also mean you lose momentum, however it can help us with the physical action and helping others or doing physical activity.

Mercury trine jupiter will make it easy for you to communicate your thoughts and ideas. You will see the bigger picture - think of it as the aspect that will bring you comfort, peace and harmony. Additionally you will be sharp, alert and able to gain insight and clarity where you need it from Mercury trine Uranus.

Venus in Leo asks you to go Big, be on fire – do what you like. Watch out for being stubborn on the fixity of this sign.

You’re being asked to remove your rose tinted spectacles, venus square Jupiter wants you to be clear about the world around you. This square also asks you to see the vibrancy in your intimate relationships and on the level of this moon, you’re being asked to transform what does not work.

Also with Venus square Uranus there may be sudden changes or surprises, - this is asking you to enhance what you have – Do you usually get annoyed when your significant other does a certain thing? This combination asks you to balance and see the reverse side to the behaviour.

Leos lessons ~ You’re being asked to believe in yourself and be responsible for your life, give of yourself warmly and generously to others and step into heart thinking. Remember Leo is all about the heart, it is about love and generosity and being there for others. Under this New Moon you’re also being asked to play as though you were a child, enjoy life.

This NM may affect anyone with sun, moon, ascendant in Leo, it will also affect fixed signs and fire signs notably too.

New Moon Action

Grab a notebook and journal on how your heart feels.

With Love Hem


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