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New Moon in Gemini | The call to balance your rational mind and your intuition

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Tagline: The call to balance your rational mind and your intuition

What’s coming up in this new moon

We’ll be talking about our Gemini new moon, how things might feel for you and how you can use the energy to help you. I am going to talk themes, explore what we can do with the energies. The angels have been guiding me to bring you a little more so let’s see how we go.

This new moon falls in either the 17th or 18th dependant on where you are on the planet. Sun and moon are at 26 degrees and 43 minutes of Gemini – this is the degree point that you will be looking at in your own chart to see what you will be working on.

With our new moon in Gemini means all things communication are highlighted, this is what we read, write, how we think and the questions that we ask, it also links to the throat chakra and development in this area. The twins are offering you the chance to double up on your understanding, as it brings in choices and offer you the understanding of duality. This links to you life in general, how you are living your life and in this new moon you as being asked what are your intentions what are you asking for, maybe what do you want to do differently.

With Mercury happily in it’s own sign there is a bringing in new perspective on some level and our new moon is also close to the end of Gemini. In this energy we’re being offered a new energy to help us to see where we can go and what we can create. With Gemini being a mutable sign and the fact that it gets very in the mind, you may feel slightly all over the place, scattered thoughts and emotions may be highlighted.

In some ways the energy prevalent might have you feeling as if you are cleaning up after an event. As the moon is so close to moving into Cancer ready for the solstice. It’s just to allow the Gemini season to bring you the information that you need.

New moon at 26 nearly 27 degrees is opposing the galactic centre – this will bring in energies and information that we need, it will help us with the Gemini areas in communication that we want to grow. Think of it as an aha moment. The energies of this new moon are expressing that dependent on the way that you want to go things could be easeful and informative, or you may find that the confusion of the mind takes over and you’re struggling to make any choices or decisions. Pull back if there is too much go in the air and you need space to breath, the Gemini energy can create this. It is a moon that favours movement and action.

With Neptune squaring the sun and the moon there is a sense of overwhelm highlighted. Watery Neptune at 27 degrees in Pisces maybe bringing in emotional feelings watch out for confusion, tears, lack of clarity, struggle. In fact there may be a struggle here as the Neptunian energy wants you to dive into your intuition while Gemini connects into the mind stuff. One wants to think it through while the other wants to trust and open to intuition. This could create a push pull, watch out for indecision and the way that you’re using your words. Neptune wants you to surrender something and it’s highlighting a possible new beginning on the spiritual level ~ a call to step into your psychic self, and this is going to play out for a while because Neptune is square the galactic centre. A new light vibration frequency is being offered, which way will we choose to go? Essentially for Gemini to feel comfortable it wants to be working on the thought level, with the square making this tricky, it may stop those thoughts and words, in essence you will not be able to bring it to word level. To really make use of this you want to tune into your intuition and let this be the springboard for the geminian energy, of course Gemini will be wary of this, it wants facts so you’re being asked to balance the fact v mystical. Note that this Gemini Pisces interaction may symbolise the end of something.

If you want to learn how to do this, grab my free intuition 21 day challenge. The challenge will help you to tune into your own frequency and begin to tune in.

With all this Neptune energy, you might want to start recording your dreams and daydreams, Neptune rules that which is ethereal and our dreamworld. Take the time to get answers to your questions, dive into enquiry and see if anything can be revealed to you on this level.

Venus and Mars are in Leo, there’s a happy energy highlighted here, Leo brings the shine and exuberance. The public persona and it says here I am. Linked to words and bringing in something new on the energy of the Gemini new moon. Think creativity and new voice opening up. With Venus supporting the ideas and stepping into your heart. See this as opportunity to express soemthign new as you move forward. Note that we are currently in a lunar reverse cycle, if you want to understand this, check out my video about this, link in the notes.

Due to Saturn’s square with mercury you may find communication a bit tricky. You’re being asked here to balance out the planner and overthought. It may slow down your thought process too, it’s stationing RX and this will pull back the go, go, go mentality of the twin energy.

Uranus in Taurus is asking us to step out in a new way. There will be a lot of new information due to the Gemini energy and mercurial movement. Jupiter in Taurus offers us the possibility of removing anything that has passed its sell by date.

I’d say wait out the energy, you will not have possession of all the facts till we forward into cancer season and the full moon in cappy makes an appearance. Let this Gemini new moon give you the information that you require, then let the Cappy FM bring you clarity and you will know what needs to go and what needs to stay, essentially it will show you the next step.

Couple of things, Pluto is back in cappy we are clearing that lesson, this will be there until Jan 2024, it’ll then dip back into Aquarius till Sept, then back to Cappy and then at the end of 2024 Aquarius settles in for good or bad.

Intentions and Final piece re: Twin Flames at the end of the video.


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