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New Moon in Cancer| Find your Home Within

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Our New Moon in Cancer is on the 17th of July 2023.

Tagline for the New Moon: Find your Home Within

This is a powerful New Moon that will be ricocheting its effect across earth. Our Cancer New Moon glides in and asks us to focus on all things related to domesticity, comfort, and the home. This moon is elevated in consciousness. It is asking you on the level of Cancer to spiritually refine your understanding on the level of love with regard to how safe you are within your own body.

Think new beginning and how you can be more at home. This moon will bring in the lessons that you need. Cancer represents dreamy watery depths and going inward. As Cancer is ruled by the moon watch your emotions. This chart is asking a lot of us as it wants us to be conscious creators. No more accepting outside locus of control.

With Moon/Sun opposing Pluto you’re being asked to step into the spiritual manifestation of love. This moon is calling in completion, you’re being asked to sort out all that needs to be cleansed. This relates very strongly to personal power and global power issues. This also asks us to be mature, to grow into who we are. You are being call to step into self nurturance, be your own parent and let go of the old.

Ending in some relationships are being highlighted with sun/moon trine Neptune ~ some connections have passed their sell by date. Reconfiguration of relationship into a higher vibration and dimensional frequency is being encouraged. Higher dimensional relationship is the spiritual way and will help you to regulate your emotions. This Neptunian energy also assists you to step into a new dream ~ a dream you co-create with the universe. Note: That whatever you create will want to be spiritually based. The angels say let them support you.

There’s some interesting configurations in this Cancer New Moon chart. We have Pluto sextile Neptune and this is supporting a Pluto Venus/ Neptune Venus Quincunx ~ These are usually volatile, however due to the Pluto sextile support this finger of god is tuning into greater love, a death and decaying of the old kind of love. There’s new independence on the level of love, creating new spiritual beginnings and deep psychic connections. Pluto sextile Neptune heralds our spiritual awakening. Love elevation, initiating action. Loss of needing to conform and the ability to question how things are in life, in ones own life, and on the world stage. Remember Pluto enhances planets that it aspects with.

There is change symbolised in the Venus Saturn opposition. With Saturn RX, it’s going slowly and this gives Venus a chance to create a deeper love from an independent space. There may be frustration on the level of Saturn, due to duty, or maybe you feel unloved, just know that this opposition will help you to heal, balance and understand.

Mars opposing Saturn tells a slightly different story. Watch out as you may feel as if something is in the way, or anger, frustration may surface. This is a test, don’t let it break you, move steadily. This opposition will point out where you have stood in your own way, or made poor decisions and it is asking you to take responsibility. Saturn going slow will assist you in this lesson.

Jupiter Square Mercury calls you to step into your spiritual creativity, let your decisions originate from a spiritual space rather than from the logical mind thinking level.

We’re being asked to watch out for feelings of dissatisfaction, challenge and balance our needs by the Uranus Venus Square. In some senses whatever you are feeling might intensify at this time. Uranus will shake things up. There may just be restlessness. Balance your needs and build something more solid/new.

There may be something fascinating coming up on the wing of the Moon/Sun sextile Uranus. You will be more open to change. Also as this is the Cancer new Moon it is a great time for this change to be related to trying something new in your domestic or personal life. This sextile can also bring you a stronger than usual intuition. Take the time to seek more opportunities, seek that which is innovative for you and embrace the possibilities.

This New Moon will affect those with personal planets and points at approximately 22 – 29 of the Cardinal signs. It may also affect those that have Cancer sun or have their sun in a water sign.

Coming up

Later in the month and just after the new moon we’re going to have a cardinal grand cross ~ this is symbolising endings and new beginnings at 29 degrees of the signs this is action orientated, we need to be making choices. We’re being called to shift into personal sovereignty and being self referencing, self regulating and self governing etc etc. A sense of the warrior and bravery is being called for.

Also change is coming in the Nodes. North Node is moving into Aries and South Node is moving into Libra. Aries wants you to take control, tap into maturity, see what’s happening ~ you’re being called to complete the old way and move into the new way. These node ask us to balance our independence and people pleaser ways.

New Moon Intentions

What makes you feel safe?

How can you bring this in to your home life?

Journal if you feel called – Cancer New Moon is a great Moon for that.

This is also a wonderful Moon for deep conscious self care.


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