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Full Moon Supermoon In Aquarius ~ 1st August 2023

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August Full Moon Supermoon in Aquarius

Tagline: Something has got to go! So you can be heart led.

Our full moon supermoon is in aquarius it’s the second of our supermoons and will be upon us on the 1st of August 2023 at 9 degrees and 16 minutes of the sun and moon. It’s at 2.31pm Eastern time, 11.31am pacific time and 7.31pm uk time.

This August full moon in feisty Aquarius will be coming in with quite a punch. This is a whirligig of a month with lots coming in. We’ve got our FM Supermoon on the 1st of August, then we have got the Lions gate on the 8/8, followed by the New Moon on the 16th, Mercury goes RX on the 23rd August and we have the next Supermoon on the 31st August. Therefore there’s a lot of high vibe energy this month.

With Sun Leo and Moon Aquarius there is a balancing act ~ can you be an independent team player and balance your logical mind and your heart. It’d be wise to watch your emotions during this full moon, in fact watch your emotions for the next few too, super moons are closer to earth and therefore stir our emotions.

With the nodes newly in Aries and Libra there is going to be a different flavour of where we are coming from and where we are going to. It’s currently slow moving because we are in Rx, it’s time to drop your people pleaser behaviour and balance your independence which is where we’re heading. Changes are afoot under the gaze of this supermoon, so hold onto your hat.

With Jupiter squaring this sun and moon it’s time to look for the positive, to elevate and evaluate, Jupiter can bring the unexpected. You’re being asked if you can go bigger and release what you are done with so that you can step into a light filled opportunity. Watch out for the drama! I’m seeing this as an upgrade personally and globally.

You’re done with the tomfoolery, you’re literally done with something! Leo sun will brighten whatever Aquarius illuminates. With Mercury happy in Virgo opposing Saturn bringing in a level of transmutation and transformation, this could mean that you struggle to verbalise, which is a good thing, because it’s best to wait out this fm before saying what’s on your mind.

If you’re ready to take inspired action Mars trine Jupiter will assist you to create a new foundation and stabilise and with Mars in Virgo you will be assisted in getting it right.

Remember you are dealing with what you are done with and what has to go! In some respects it may be challenging, yet you know it has to go.

With Venus currently Rx you’re being asked to go over your relationships and ask yourself what relationship means to you. Also who deserves to stay and who needs to go. It is highlighting building something stable and how you can manage this in a material sense in it’s square with Uranus. This will bring you revelation. Venus in Leo is also asking you to re-evaluate your next step, how can you be your sovereign self in relationship. Check out what house Venus is in, within your chart to get an understanding re: What is being affected here! With Saturn opposing Venus, Mars, and Mercury there will be a sombreness to the planets expression.

You might want to meditate with a rutilated quartz during this fm.

Remember we are being called to let go of everything that we are done with, to step into love sun leo and balance our heart and head. This full moon supermoon will affect those with personal points & planets at approximately 4-14 degrees of the mutable signs and some air signs may also be affected by the energy.

Full Moon Release Statements

What is done with in your life ~ what situation, challenge, belief, relationship are you ready to let go? What smothers your freedom ~ release it. Once you have this in mind give yourself two weeks before you put anything in action.


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