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Full Moon in Libra ~ Relationship Fixer...

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Libra Full Moon 25th of March 2024 (lunar eclipse)

Our Tagline for this Full Moon: Grab your mixer with this relationship fixer

We have our lunar eclipse at 7.00am uk time 12am pacific and 3 am eastern.


Although this is an eclipse and it will be powerful in its own right, hold on to your hat because the total solar eclipse that is due on the 8th of April will be a lot more powerful. If you’re a cardinal sign the energies of these two together may have you in a space of high sensitivity. The moon will be at 5 degrees and 7 minutes. As with all full moons there is an ending highlighted and we are being called to release something.

This full moon invites us to balance the libra/aries polarity ~ this is balancing our own personal needs and those of others. Our full moon truly illumminates the conflict between 'me' and 'we', asking the question how do we share.


Libra is ruled by Venus, which means that it can often bring up areas to do with relationship and the heart. This is the energy of all relationships, not just intimate. In the vibration that is presented in this full moon there may be relationships coming to an end, or something finishing and a new beginning highlighted. This could also herald a time to bring strength to the bonds that you have in your life. Or you're being asked how you can fulfill the need and space to enjoy your significant other. Clear up patterns and balance what you feel.


An eclipse brings in the energy of change that is often permanent. Often during eclipse seasons changes are made that alter the fabric of something from a revelation. Think of the eclipse as an intense period bringing in information download to the collective that will help with a shift in perception. To my mind in some way this particular moon is highlighting a sense of sovereignty and authenticity, how to we wake up to how we are feeling?

Watch out for the eclipse blowing things out of proportion and feeling as if things are at a stalemate. The angels advise that this is just the revelation bringing you ideas on how to clear away the cobwebs.


Libra is all about balance, which means that if there is any inequality it will be widely and broadly highlighted.


Transformation is highlighted with the Moon being trine Pluto. This could bring up emotion that pulls in the energy of how you fully see all parts of yourself. Remember Pluto pulls in all our aspects asking us to look at our shadow and our light. The element this links to is relationship to yourself and others. The full truth will be illuminated showing you who is not good for you and who is. I also want to say that this links in with how social media is working, or not working for you, the angels are saying this too is a relationship. You are being asked what you can grow and nurture in your life that will provide you with the transformation, that you need.


This link of the moon to Pluto could also bring up a wider arch that falls into what freedom is within the human family and how can we make this fair and just. Libra wants the scales balanced, so that it does not need to get windy and argumentative. Think of this as human wide transformative energy. With Pluto also sextiling the sun there is a double illumination highlighted that is linked in to a sense of new found freedom and showing you how you can have the independence that you have been craving.

With the South Node widely conjunct the moon we’re being asked to tap into the behaviours that we have that do not serve us, on the level of libra this could be people pleasing to keep the peace.

Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus really want this expansion for us we’re being called to move away from anything that is contracted and open ourselves up to a new way of being. The planets are currently gaining strength and this will support you in a high way to bring in a life that is stable and clearer for you. In a sextile with Venus these planets are also supporting this shift of releasing anything that is curtailing your freedom.


Venus sits at 16 degrees in pisces, she is the ruler of Libra and wants you to check in with your emotions. Libra is not the most decisive sign and this energy is asking you to make some decisions while being in strength energy. With this placement you’re being called to look at the way that your relationships function, are you in the energy of the people pleaser, finding ways to rescue others, be there for others rather than yourself. You’re being called here to readjust and reframe this behaviour.


There is the energy in some ways of moving fast highlighted here because we are coming up to the Aries sun which will want to move it. Mercury in Aries is making you want to have these conversations and awaken in a slower way as it is in it’s shadow and about to go rx. You are being called to go inwards and look at what your internal messengers are telling you. Also it might do well to know that Chiron issues will be coming up in April, these are areas of wounding that need to be healed.


Ultimately there is healing happening on a mass level, the human family is being called with love to shift energy into a new portal or dimension if you will. We are being called to heal the families trauma and bring self love to the collective through our individual stance.


There are four planets in pisces in the chart and they bring with them a certain sense of emotionalness, think sensitivity, doing away with what you are done with. Think releasing the things that will not work into the watery depths of pisces. This full moon is asking us to be compassionate with ourselves and others, for many of us will be called into the energy of moving on and this could be painful for some of us.

Moon Phases

Our Cards - The Original Rider Waite Tarot ~ Conceived of By AE White and Designed by Pamela Coleman Smith

This is a creative time, where your ideas will spiral and begin to make sense in a new way, you will be called to check in with any repetition in your life and asked how you will heal it. This energy of the eclipse is truly bringing in something new on the wings of the angels. New home, life, new friends, more powerful energy and connections are highlighted here. Think of this as an alignment that is more compatible for you.

The message here is that you are reconfiguring through deep spiritual growth, it will either feel like or be in the energy of leaving your old life, relationships and situations behind so that you can step into a new space where you get to leave the old and tired experiences in the past.

This moon may affect you if you were born with personal planets and points at approximately 0 to 10 degrees of the Cardinal signs, it may also affect you if you have your sun, moon or ascendant in Libra.

Full Moon Release

This is your time to focus in on what you want to release in the way that you interact with and allow relationships to be. To release that which does not and will not serve you make an appeal to release a thought, experience, situation or physical thing. Now imagine you are placing it in the basket of an air baloon and let it drift away from you into the clouds.

With Love Hem and the Angels xxxxXX


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