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Coaching (all types) 30Minute One-to-One

Integrative Life/Self Love/Spritual Coaching/Mentoring

  • 30 min
  • 60 British pounds
  • Zoom one - to -one Live

Service Description

I offer a range of coaching styles when you book a session an asssessment is made to decide what type of coaching will suit the area in your life you want to work on. Self Love Coaching Mentoring helps you to tune into your true self. I help you to change ingrained patterning - we work with your inner child, issues that keep coming up and behaviours that are holding you back. I have a full on system that works with you to dive into your self areas - such as worth and esteem, showing you ways to re-write old patterning so you can come away feeling new and improved. My motto being work with me so that you can go out and live a brilliant life... I have been there, let me help you...It is also so much easier to work with someone that understands what you're going through. Spiritual Coaching Mentoring helps you to tune into your true self and your spiritual journey. It can also help you to drop your limitations so that you can reach your higher purpose. If you want to build your intuitive gifts, and learn to tap into your deeper psyche we can do that too. Many people think that something is religious when the word spiritual is attached to it, however I work on the principle that; Essentially we are all spiritual human beings.... It is also so much easier to work with someone that understands what you're going through. In the coaching process we will look at your specific goals and ideas – which could be to do with business, your life, relationships etc. We will examine together what is in the way of the change you want to make. Then I will assist you to create a course of action to help you to make your life mirror your idea. Even if you are not sure what your idea is life/motivational coaching and the method I use can help you to find it. My coaching style is integrative, we discuss what you need and a plan is made to help you to get there. I will be right beside you the whole time, you deserve the best and I want to help you to create a life that can facilitate a life that you love. ‘For me it’s about asking you the right questions to create results, so that I can empower you to go and live a fantastic life.’ Xx

Cancellation Policy

*For Full Terms and Conditions, cancellation and refund policy - see booking form and SLSCS Privacy Policy - available in website footer.

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