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Start your healing  journey

Love Hem   xX


Conquer your inner world & draw new opportunity into your life with 'Self Love Self Care System'

A Toolbox of methods/strategies to help you heal ...



Feeling lost, tired, fed up and need some help, then let this be your safe start.

At self love self care system we offer Healing sessions, Coaching sessions, Intuitive Oracle Readings & Yoga so you can begin the healing journey of creating a life that you love - as opposed to a life in which you are just existing...

If you feel called - take a look at what's on offer, you never know this could be the beginning of a new life for you ...

If nothing else, know that I really want to help you.

I have been lost in life and if I can get back up, so can you...

Let me show you the way.


Love H xxxxXx


Rock Balancing


The mission is to help you to move out of chaos & disconnect into a space of love and care – through my bespoke coaching methodology system that has a whole host of tools that you can work with.   Restore with a Reiki or Angel Healing session (live Zoom sessions),  train in giving Reiki, get an oracle reading, learn to connect to a higher power - with a spiritual coaching package, make time for meditation courses, dive into coaching sessions,  come and join me on Yoga or breathwork session, that will help you to re-wire your life.


This is a great time to heal yourself, change your old thinking patterns and clear the decks, so that whatever is happening you will be firing on all cylinders… What’s not to like…


Right now more than ever Each one of us needs deep inspired change… Dive into an offering and begin your journey

Self Love is bravery and mastery, it’s knowing deep inside that you can cope, it is an inner strength so vivid it almost has a colour…

The Method

Rock Balancing


Work Meeting

Coaching Mentoring  
Self Love | Spiritual |Life|& Motivational

Coaching/Mentoring is a great way for you to move your life forward.  A multi dimension approach is taken to coaching to ensure that you get the best experience and help moving forward.

Angel Course.jpeg

Readings & Healing

I am a fourth generation Intuitive,  I offer angel readings, intuitive readings and tarot.  I also offer reading parties. This is a great way to get mini readings and create a party vibe.

I also offer healing relaxation sessions - angel & reiki - for information click here

Yoga on Beach

Yoga Meditation & Breathwork

As part of the system I offer yoga, breathwork and meditation sessions. I offer in person and online one to one sessions.

Dramatic Sunset
Perfect Sunset Shot

All my offerings can help you no matter where you are right now…

Self Love Coaching & Spiritual Coaching

Life Coaching

Oracle Readings - angel etc



Yoga - Himalayan Kundalini/Hatha/Vinyasa


Spiritual Knowledge

Mantra/mudra work

Angel Courses & Intuitive development

I believe we are all brilliant people that deserve to have brilliant lives.

Feel free to e-mail me if you want to find out more about how you can change your life or about any of my offerings.


Self love and care can help you if you feel as if you are stuck, hit a wall or just need to make a change.  This is about transforming your own life from the inside out.

Are you ready to Stop putting up with a life that is boxing you in and create inspiration in your life: 

If Yes ...e-mail me, message me on facebook or

Be Empowered & Be powerful ...

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Release Anxiety Angel Meditation ~

Spiritual, Self Love & Life Coaching |Reiki Healing & Courses |Psychic/Angel Readings | Intuition Development/Angel Courses | Yoga - Himalayan Kundalini/ Hatha/Vinyasa | Breathwork |Meditation | Spiritual Knowledge & Transcendental Wisdom |

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