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Gemini Full Moon | Exciting Expansive Lunation has a treat for you ...

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Full Moon in Gemini

My Tagline for the Gemini Full Moon: Are you ready, it’s time to get your groove on and begin the journey of your Brighter Life.

Our full moon in Gemini on the 7/8th of December 2022 is at 16 degrees and two minutes it’s on the 7th 8:07 Pacific, 7th 11.07pm eastern 8th 4.07am uk time, dependant on where you are, check your own country for time. This is an interesting chart as all the energy is focussed on only one side of the chart.

I am seeing a new leap into spirituality. Gemini is asking us to be clear to solve what is perplexing us and create solutions and the Moon is representing your inner sanctuary. With the sun in sag linking to your identity and pushing for adventure, broadening horizons (movement) and applying whatever you have gleaned to a higher wider expose of big picture thinking that will take you on a journey beyond it all.

As ever with Gemini ruled by Mercury we’re called to conversation, communication and a wild ride what has been mulling over in your head, what has been calling you to give it attention? Something is bursting to come out and the next few weeks will give you the chance to give it voice, express it and let it out. This is not the time to sit on your hands, hold your tongue or stifle the ‘you that is screaming to come out.’ I feel that it deserves your depth of listening so that it can be expressed coherently when the time comes.

I also see this as the moon of double choices - Gemini is the twins there are two thoughts, two ideas, two of something heralding possibly confusion or maybe clarity if you are willing to notice it. Also interesting maybe these two choices are actually going to come together which means it may not be a choice thing so much as an understanding thing. Give pause, make space and look at anything that is coming up for you, if you have sun, moon, ascendant in Gemini pay extra attention, on a higher octave if you have planets between 12 to 20 degrees of mutable signs you may feel it too.

The full moon is conjunct mars In Gem which is retrograde and because this is going backward you’re being yelled at by some old things that you left in the wayside or something that you just need to go back to, it’s hammering out a drum beat and calling for your attention. Let yourself revisit something as this moon is giving you the chance to get a deeper sense of clarity.

Here you have the energy of it’s going to get better – Mars in gem showing you a different way forward – and this way will have a sense of sureness attached to it, you will feel that I am doing what is important to you. Unlike the past nm and fms I see a deeper understanding here from the work you have been doing to move yourself forward.

Be careful of Mars triggering the moon here, or generally getting triggered – around words, conversations, what other people are saying, writing and thinking… Mercury at 1 degree Capricorn will be going slower and asking us to think before we speak. Gemini spontaneous and merc in cap wants to think it out.

Saturn in aquarius at 20 degrees is trine the moon and this will help you to know where to look for the information you need. I am getting a sense of learning, co-operation and coming together of two things to create the clarity you will need. This is the attunement to your inner and outer aspect.

In some senses Gem is happy where it is yet Sagittarius sun is slinging arrows about and pointing out movement a new direction and creating a new beginning. We’re being asked to let Sagittarius dream us into the bigger picture. Think about the last few reports you’re being asked to create for your future. Let the dream begin, follow the lore of the land and make it accessible and feasible with Neptune square mercury in cappy, which can be a little bit tricky as squares often are - our physical earth work sign is focussed on getting you to where you want to go. In essence you will get your messages from the earth plane, the land.

As discussed in the new moon chart the mutable signs are highlighted and we’re being asked to watch out for the scattered energy confusing us and instead go higher into the spiritual aspect offered here so that we can use the energy in a great way. We’re also being asked to become adaptabel – can we be comfortable with where you are? Look at it like this can you bring yourself into the higher way of thinking?

Neptune is widely squared this fm. Neptune is the ruler of pisces which is at 22 degrees this is the energy of the master builder and dreaming big (Neptune being the planet of dreams) and creating a foundation with the resonance of the angels in situ. Let this energy give you the confidence to be renewed. We’ve got Jupiter (the lucky planet) at 29 degrees in pisces which is fab because the vibration of the 29 which links to divine energy brings two things together within mastering spiritual energy. If you’ve been having it tough, feeling as if life is getting you down and you just can’t do it this is for you – you can succeed if you use this energy.

Pluto Jupiter are sextile this is a positive aspect and it bringing in a natural development of positive change, this isn’t anything you have to do, it’s highlighted as if a higher force is helping you. This can bring in transformation on a higher level. There are energies in this chart which will help you to move forward despite this being a full moon. Obviously you will need to release to move forward luckily in this chart the release is highlighted as rather more effortless than some of our charts over the years.

December is a big month and as we move towards the solstice we begin the journey that will take us through to next year, so you need to be ready to use the illumination offered by the Gemini moon to reveal your needs. Just remembering to allow Mars to bring in a deeper spiritual understanding of what has gone before. When I look at this the angels are highlighting a reframe – they are saying that you know what you thought before, did before, where you went before etc– they are advising that we look over our plans thoughts and direction under the gaze of this multifaceted moon that can give us many perspectives. Also it is coming from outside in the world – you will get the signs from others – this is the outside world clearing up your inner world thoughts. Of course as Mars is our war planet, if we don’t step into the spiritual stance/viewpoint that is being offered we might be pulled into a warring type of irritability. Or get triggered by whatever is being illuminated. This is asking us to be mature and strong.

We’re being asked to be thoughtful too and to watch our words, all of them. Gemini is ruled by Mercury and as this is currently in Capricorn we’ll have a helping hand here, as Capricorn is more of a planner and can help you to pause before you do anything or say anything and get it clear before it goes out to the world. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn and therefore the energy of understanding when it is time to share and when it is not is deeply ingrained in this very grounding energy.

Coming UP

The 12/12 gateway and solstice on the 21st are immanent…

Also pluto is starting to move out of Capricorn into Aquarius in March 2023 please remember this will not happen fully till Dec 2024… This is a slow journey yet it is coming.

December is always a huge month we have the 12/12 gateway – this links to the triad and always does each year, this year it also links to love. We also have the 21st Solstice, which also links to love energy and the divine aspect within. The Capricorn solstice energy is bringing in high level consciousness and will be highly charged.

Find a way to find your stillness this month. I am feeling Christmas present worthy. If you sign up to my mailing list I will email you access to the earth star meditation course. Also if you would like an angel connection reading with me and you sign up to my mailing list you will get 25% off purchases of any service offered on my site from the 11th December – the 24th December (these can be used as Christmas presents too and your session can be booked for whenever).

Our release questions for the month

What is stopping me planning my steps and knowing where I want to go in a practical sense – remove the blocks and accept the tools this moon brings!

If there is resistance to my new vision for the future – what needs to change going forward?

Affirmation: I have all the tools I need to do the things I want to do

You have the tools so make it happen, you can do this, you can create a plan and you are able to utilise the energy of this lunation to go bigger better and wilder – so exciting and excited for you.


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