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Full Moon Supermoon In Pisces ~ 30th/31st August 2023

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Full Moon in Pisces – 30th or 31st August 2023

Tagline: let the brilliance of this Blue Moon Suprmoon help you purge and release so you can recreate

This is our second full moon in August and it is also a supermoon/bluemoon. A blue moon is said to be when a third full moon in a season has four full moons and it can also be used to describe a moon in a month where there has been two moons. This moon will be very close to the earth which might make it appear larger and brighter. Watch your vibration and energy if you have sun moon or ascendant in pisces, or if you’re a water sign.

This moon is going to be close to Saturn, if you have a telescope and you like to star gaze this would be a good time to use it.

Here we have the Fm supermoon in pisces with sun in virgo. This is bringing in a time of the emotions with watery pisces at the helm. This polarity asks us to balance health at the level of physical health that links to our gut and asks what can I do virgo and spiritual health, love and kindness pisces.

Our FM Supermoon in Pisces will be illuminating something in your life that you are ready to work on, clear and purge. This is a great moon to record your dreams, or to ask for signs, symbols and answers from your dreams.

Saturn is in conjunction hugging the moon in this chart and it brings in the realism of everything. It’s asking you to deal with time in a more spiritual way. It wouldn’t be Saturn if there was not something to look at and work through – what are you done with? This might have a karmic edge so watch out for this. This might feel tough and the reality might be a hard taskmaster, however, if your response is oh Yes! And you move what is in your way, you will feel better. Watch out for fear getting you here and make a concerted effort to let whatever comes up be guided by and with love.

I see that Saturn can help you see the truth and release that which is not of light. Of course for some this may be clear, because they have stepped into the groundedness of which will clear the fogginess that over spirituality can bring, yet for others there may still need to be more work to be done re: balancing the spiritual and physical. Saturn will support you if you take a more down to earth approach to this.

With Neptune in Pisces enhances the need to let go of something ~ it asks what is done and cannot come with you? This is linked to your relationships and the material in your life.

You may feel a sense of being asked to go back over things that you have already looked at with Pluto, Saturn, Neptune, Chiron, Uranus and Venus, Mercury all Rx ~ it might be worth adding that the Nodes are also currently Rx. Lean into your Guardian Angel as the planets ask you to go inwards and to ensure that you have cleared and dealt with all that you need to. With the assistance from Pisces for the spiritual and intuitive and Virgo Sun with the practical, you are in good hands.

This chart asks you to step into self referencing, to know your mind, know what you want and to release what no longer works so that you can be your most independent self.

Venus with her ongoing square with Jupiter is calling you to work out the larger things that need to be understood in your life and she’s also asking you to get creative with your love, while asking honest questions about the truth and whether what you’re thinking and feeling is the truth or not.

In general there may be truths coming to light and a new sense of what is just on the spiritual wings of the new wave and energy that is settling over the planet. The new vision for the future is being birthed.

Jupiter Uranus trine Mercury are asking us to step into our truth energy. To be independent on the level of our speech and our thought, while tuning into the loving ways that we make changes on the level of our bigger vision, our higher consciousness. We’re being asked to birth the new in our thought processes, that we can bring out in the future as a collective, dynamic communicated vision.

Jupiter is due to go Rx and this will bring forward more of the internal understanding energy, so that we can reveal and know our authenticity.

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All in all with a mutable chart like this you can change the things that need to be changed. Give Virgo sun the movement around how you are stepping into self care and stepping into the spiritual level of yourself on the wings of pisces. Let pisces on the level of the spiritual recognise that the Universe is bringing you upgrades and that even though virgo wants a plan with dates and times, the spiritual says be in the now, in the moment, be here.

This Pisces Fm supermoon wants you to be on your spiritual path to be your whole reality.

Of course remember that clarity will come up at our Virgo Nm and we’ll know even more about what it all means.

This fm will affect people with planets and points at approximately 5-11 degrees of the mutable signs most significantly and the other signs and energies that I have mentioned too.

Full Moon Supermoon Considerations:

Allow this moon to be a turning point

Tap into forgiveness

Allow your emotions to surface so that you can heal them and release them


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