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Stepping Out, or Jumping Ship Here's How it Might Feel to You ...

self love self care article on how jumping feels

Self Love & Care Series

I am currently on a journey of healing me, of making decisions fully originate from myself and working on creating a world that I want to live in ( I accidentally, originally typed love there,) maybe I want to let love in …

If I put this in context I want to create a world I love. So many of us face choices later in life: In essence there is a change in energy within our life and this impacts on our life situations. It does this by creating opportunity, that may be wrapped up in pain.

Life is not always fantastic, it is not always easy, moments in which we are faced with challenge are the biggest gift that we could hope for. In essence these challenges help us to open ourselves up to new direction and purpose.

When we are stuck in what I am going to call a holding pattern, we can be trapped in agitation and confusion because we don’t know which way to turn. We are not in possession of all the facts and we get lost in this lack of knowing. Yet, knowing is not what is important, what is important is seeing the experience or situation for what it is.

These moments that I like to call golden moments are clues for us, they help us to embrace the pain. Yup, through pain comes great immense learning. When your life is steady and too perfect you may not be able to create the fire that change requires. You will be stuck in a phase that does not offer you anything.

The void moments, the point in our lives when we just appear to be dealing with the minutae and not much else, are the moments where phenomenal change is preparing to embrace us.

It may not present itself to you in a way that you know, yet, with time faith and belief you will start to see the glimmer of light, the budding of the seed, things that made no sense will start to make sense and you will begin to see the road ahead.

There are different ways to deal with points like this, yet most people get agitated, annoyed, or they take action without all the facts and miss the opportunity. Instead the answer is to take a moment, pause, reflect and let the pattern start to reveal the story slowly from a deep perspective that resides within.

At these moments when we are in a void, when we are awaiting the next phase, this is when we may be temporarily tied down. However, it is at these times that immense inner growth and healing takes place within us. This healing, these moments prepare us for is a new phase.

Maybe the person you were before the transition would not have coped too well with the new life that is unfolding, maybe you need more skills, more experience, more of something that creates the exact space for your new life to manifest.

Take a moment and breath - see the opportunity, be brave and find the gold in your situation.

Keep nurturing during tough periods, keep a caring, loving, and making sure that you protect yourself.

When we do this we ensure that we are safe…

Also know that if you are prepared to jump into life without a parachute, then life can be rewarding, amazing and full of super love, opportunity and promise.

Lots Love xxxxX

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